Life our Greatest Treasure


LIFE is man’s most valuable possession, and next in order of value is health. Without health, life is deprived not only much , if not all, of its usefulness, but also of its joys and pleasures. For if the body is not in good health, one cannot go about at will; he cannot do what he would enjoy doing; he cannot eat food he would enjoy eating.  A sick man not only suffers pain and discomfort himself, and is unable to supply his own needs, but he also requires one or more persons to stop doing their ordinary work and spend their time in caring for him.


In this way he becomes a burden to others because they must nurse him and supply his food and clothing. The Menace of a Sick Person In addition to all this, the sick person is often a menace to everyone in his immediate neighbourhood, because many diseases are easily carried from one person to another. Have we not all seen instances where one member of a family contracted the disease from him and were stricken down? Very often the disease spread abroad from that family to other families in the community, resulting in large financial loss through the afflicted persons not being able to work or conduct their business, and in that greatest of all losses, the loss of human life.Furthermore, when health is impaired it cannot be restored in a day.

It is a grievous error to look upon disease as a matter of small importance because it is thought a cure can be effected by taking a few doses of some medicine. Most diseases required many days and the expenditure of much effort to effect a cure. Looked at from this viewpoint it is evident that the community as a whole, as well as every individual in the community, should place a very high valuation on health.It is the first duty of everyone to take care of his own body and keep it in health. This is a duty he owes to himself, to his family, to his neighbours and to his country; and, above all, it is a duty that he owes to his Creator. It is a mistake to think that sickness is inflicted by the gods, or by evil spirits, or by climatic conditions, and so is unavoidable. Neither are life and death decided by fate.

Cause of Sickness

Sickness is brought on by a violation of the laws of health. By observing the laws of health and caring well for the body, it is possible to avoid at least 80% of the sickness with which the majority of the people are afflicted. Observance of the laws of health brings that blessing which all men desire, namely, long life. Disregard of the laws of health bring upon those calamites which all men fear, namely, sickness and early death.

Little care given to Bodies

As a rule, when people are in health they give little thought to the care of their bodies 😉 ; but when they become weak and diseased and death draws nigh, then they begin to study how to care for their bodies; but alas, it is often too late. This is like waiting until after the thief has gone before locking the door 😉 . The time to begin caring for the body is while one is yet young. Indeed it has been said that, in order to ensure the child’s having a healthy body and strong constitution, it is necessary to begin before the child is born. The father and mother must care well for their own health because weak, sickly parents cannot beget strong, healthy children.

It is probable that the majority of the readers of this book have already reached maturity. Perhaps many already have weak bodies, and some may be afflicted with disease. In that case it is all the more important that readers of this post study the laws of health and learn not ony how to care for the body when it is in health, but also how to restore it to health if it becomes diseased. The aim of this post is to give the reader(You) information that will enable him to avoid disease and preserve his own health and that of his family.

It gives such instruction in the treatment of common diseases as can be carried out in the home by one who is not a physician. Needless to say, in every case of serious illness the help of a competent physician should be secured, if possible; for no book can take the place of a skilled physician.

The Causes of disease

Many people erroneously think that disease is an unavoidable calamity. Physicians and scientists have now demostrated that diseases are due to specific causes. Some diseases are due to the body’s not being supplied with the proper kinds of nourishment; beri-beri is such a disease. There are diseases that are caused by poisons entering the body; such a disease is phosphorus poisoning, which is often contracted by those who work in match factories. Disease may be brought on by wrong habits; for example, wrong habits of eating may cause indigestion. Many ailments are caused by bacteria, viruses, amoebæ and worms. Most physical disabilities, however, have their foundation in wrong habits of thinking 😉 .

The Greatest Enemies of Mankind

Disease producing germs and viruses are the greatest enemies of mankind. Everyday they kill tens of thousands of people. They are the cause of tuberculosis, pneumonia, dysentery, colds, diarrhoea, cholera, typhoid fever, tetanus ( lock jaw), malaria, whooping cough, HIV, leprosy, smallpox, bubonic plague and a multitude of other diseases. Disease germs are of two kinds.

One kind belongs to the plant kingdom and the other to the animal kingdom. These diseases germs are so very, very small that the eye cannot see them. Most of them are so small that when they are magnified one thousand times by a microscope, they appear only as large as a mustard seed. Disease germs multiply very fast. Under favourable conditions a single one of the germs that produce cholera or typhoid fever can, in ten hours time, give rise to a million  others.

Since they are so small and multiply so fast, they are widely distributed. They are found in the water of wells, rivers and ponds, in the dust of the street and in the dust on the floors and walls of houses, and even in the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. It may be said that in thickly populated places disease producing germs are found everywhere. Since this is so, everyone should learn how to keep these germs out of the body, and how to destroy them should they gain entrance into the body.

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  1. First things first!! I loved the title of this post to the core, it speaks volumes about the content of the post. Indeed, life is our greatest treasure and we should take the adequate efforts to protect it from the advent of infectious and disease causing germs. The post has build the direct nexus with the prevention of the various kinds of diseases. Thanks for the share.

  2. Life is a great treasure and we should honor it and we should cherish it till its there. However I sometimes feel why we remain so concerned with this life when it is only temporary but that is just another thought I guess. Great post overall.


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