Life Disrupted: What’s Stressing You Out May Surprise You


There are some life events and even a few everyday scenarios that can make you feel stressed in an instant, but looking beyond the more obvious sources of stress, you might be surprised to discover that there are things that could trigger a reaction.

There are for example, some foods that make you anxious. It is therefore always worth trying to get to the root of the problem and learning about a variety of different stress-triggers, so you are better prepared and can take aversive action where possible.


Grief can be experienced in different ways:

It is worth starting out with a traditional view of what causes stress, to see that it often pays to understand how your body and your mind reacts to different situations.

The traditional association when you talk about the grieving process is that it is a natural and understandable reaction to losing a loved one, and there is no question that a death can most definitely trigger a severe bout of stress as you try to come to terms with your loss.

Grief demonstrates the same characteristics as depression, meaning that you will experience all of the same symptoms associated with that condition, such as a lack of sleep, loss of appetite and a generally low mood.

It should also be noted that you can also experience these same feelings of grief if you experience something other than a bereavement. The same feelings and stress level could also be felt when you are “grieving” as a result of a relationship breakup, losing your job or having a big argument with a long-time friend.

To be able to deal with the stress effectively, you need to identify what it is that is stressing you out, so that you can talk about and get help where necessary.

The right amount of solitude:

Many people never really give themselves enough time to recharge the batteries, meaning that they go from working to socializing, crashing out at the end of the day and then doing it all over again.

Nothing wrong with having a busy working and social life of course, but there is the possibility that you could trigger a bout of stress, if you don’t give yourself a bit of downtime and enjoy a bit of solitude.

No matter what energy levels you think that you have, everyone needs a bit of quiet time, where you cut out the noise for an evening and just enjoy reading a book, doing some yoga, or anything else that might help to clear your mind and recharge your body, before it gets too stressed.

Getting your caffeine fix:

Many of us are probably aware that caffeine is a prime suspect when it comes to listing food and drink that can be sources of stress, but there are some misconceptions around as to what effect certain products might have on your body and stress levels.

It could be that you avoid drinking coffee to keep your caffeine count down, but if you substitute that cup of joe with a few candy bars to give your energy levels a boost, you might be surprised to learn that drinking several cups of tea or eating several candy bars instead of a strong coffee, is going to give you the same sort of caffeine hit.

Too much caffeine in any form, is going to give you problems with your digestion, cause you to suffer a disrupted sleep pattern and make you irritable and stressed.

Foods such as some brands and flavors of ice cream and non-cola sodas can contain surprising amounts of caffeine and even pain relievers might give you an unexpected hit, so be sure to try and keep tabs on your sources of caffeine, if you know it makes you stressed.

Healthy living goals:

It stands to reason that many of us will aspire to leading a healthy lifestyle and looking after our bodies, but a surprising source of stress is when you become overly obsessive and worried about how healthy you are.

It has been known that even people who enjoy a healthy eating regime and have a good level of fitness, can still get stressed by actually becoming too obsessed with looking after their body. This condition even has a name, orthorexia, and it is possible that your healthy living goals could be a surprising source of stress.

As with all of the potential stress-triggers highlighted, it is important to identify what is causing you to feel stressed so that you can do something positive about it, which sometimes means looking beyond the obvious to trace the source.

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Abby Lambert is a nurse who enjoys writing articles about health in her free time. She is eco-conscious and lives as green and healthy a life as possible, always encouraging others to make small changes in their lives for a healthier future.

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