How Lavender Oil Benefits Your Skin


Although lavender oil has been very famous for its fragrance, it also has numerous benefits for skin. Sweet plants were used a long time ago, when it was added into water for bathing, relieving skin and smoothing. Nowadays, the nurture and treatment of lavender are often investigated for skin cure.

Lavender Oil

  1. Treat acnes

In the book “Milady’s skin care and cosmetic Ingredients dictionary”, the authors have noticed that oily skin and acnes could take advantage of lavender oil to resist and deter bacteria. This element could also be used as a way to prevent skin from producing more oil.

In this book, they also point out that some of the relieving nature in lavender could minimize inflammation, which allow curing redness and some situations like burn, eczema and scab. Deteriorating skin due to stress could be relieved by lavender flowers, as they also have the characteristics of relaxing.

  1. Recover skin

The role of lavender as a normal element for injuries or ill skin. According to “Milady’s skin care and cosmetic Ingredients dictionary”, lavender oil could be conducive to the growth and generating new cells. The authors of the book also add that the benefits for skin could occur quickly, as lavender oil can be easily absorbed by skin.

However, it is warned that pregnant women are not encouraged to use lavender oil. Some natural treatment should only be applied in place through smelling, for eating it could cause some health problems as reduced eyesight, farting or diarrhea.

  1. Prevent skin from UV layer

Applying lavender oil onto your body and your face before going out could prevent skin from getting sunburnt or UV rays. A lot of people are of great concern to aging and lavender oil could be the answer for wrinkles, folding skin. Essential oil is a part of mixed oil that is created by the combination of four types of oil to prevent early aging. The combination comprises jasmine, chamomile, and jojoba oil, which is patented for the cure on skin and impede any signs of aging.

  1. Cure Injuries, bruises and insect bites

Cure an injury is much simpler for lavender oil. According to recent research published on BMC news, lavender oil proves to be helpful in curing an injury in only 4 days. It also increases the number of cells having collagen in the body, resulting in the contraction of the wound in a faster way. Lavender oil is one the primary materials in the formula patented for curing cuts and tiny bruises. Moreover, lavender oil could be used in curing burning skin or insect bites.

  1. Stimulate skin

Applying some drops of lavender oil or a mixture of essential oil including lavender oil into your skin could be the antidote of skin irritation. Lavender oil has always been used for acnes, eczema and dermatitis by many pharmaceutics all over the world. Massaging the affected skin with lavender oil and other essential oil could prevent itching, dry and damaged status.

Besides these above benefits, lavender oil is also known as an antibacterial and antifungal element. Researchers from Coimbra University in Portugal tested the result of lavender oil on bacteria causing infectious diseases on skin and found out that lavender helps pull bacteria off blood streams; hence preventing skin from getting serious infections.

  1. Antioxidant nature

Most of the antioxidant properties could present numerous benefits to your skin. By 10 drops per ounce of lavender oil could immediately relieve the worst sunburnt skin and bring the fastest treatment for dry skin, cuts or damage. The study even pointed out the ability to recover from the uneven skin and prevent irritations. You want to reduce your ages? Try mixing lavender oil with aloe oil and putting it on your skin once you get up, after taking a shower or before going to bed and wait for the positive outcome. The stories of the two essential oil type in minimizing aging and damage of sun are plentiful.

  1. 7. Better skin through good sleep

Recent study has shown that using lavender oil could lift the sleeping condition as a whole by 60%. This includes sleeping duration, sound sleep and reduced insomnia. Another study pointed out that lavender oil proved to be helpful right away with 5 men and 5 women struggling with insomnia. If you are trying to have a sound sleep, lavender oil could help. Furthermore, you can apply it directly on your breast, neck before or during your sleep. If you have trouble sleeping at night, the mixture of lavender oil, chamomile could be the perfect mixture for bettering your sleep quality. Finally, bathe with 15 drops of lavender oil and a spoon of Epsom salts is another effective way to use lavender oil in bettering your sleep and relaxing. You could apply this method 2 to 3 times a week and see the positive outcomes of this to your health as well as your skin.

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