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Laser Hair Removal and the Risk of Scarring

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Having a lot of body hair can be embarrassing, and it can be painful and tedious to remove and maintain yourself. There are many methods help to remove unwanted hair such as waxing, shaving and tweezing, which provide temporary relief and may actually stimulate hair growth. None are completely permanent, but laser hair removal is the most effective and affordable treatment available for the removal of unwanted facial and body hair. Laser hair-removal treatment is gaining enormous popularity these days. It has many advantages over waxing and electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for men and women. Revealing soft and stubble-free skin on your face, legs, hands, chest, underarms and back eliminates embarrassment and encourages confidence. Rarely, this treatment may cause crusting, blistering, scarring and other changes in skin texture.

Scarring with laser hair removal

Any laser hair-removal procedure may cause some scarring. Millions of women may be at risk of scarring and burns as they are unaware of the risks of laser hair-removal treatment. The main reason why some patients may experience scarring after laser hair-removal is an incorrect use of the laser tool. When a professional is performed laser hair-removal treatment, the risk of scarring is greatly reduced.

Different lasers are suitable for different skin types. So selecting the correct laser for your skin is important which in turn reduce the risk of scarring. Scarring is usually a result of burns that happen when treatment is misapplied. This side effect is not painful, but it can be permanent. If the scar appears on the face, this can cause patients to become self-conscious. It is normally resolved itself within a few days after the laser hair removal treatment.

Risk factors for scarring with laser hair removal:

There are various risk factors, such as:

  • Laser technician skills and experience.
  • The amount of melanin pigment in the skin. Usually darker skin tones have a risk of getting scarring.
  • Unsuitable treatment.
  • Unsuitable skin type.
  • Your skin’s ability to heal.
  • Certain acne medications.

One or more of these risk factors does not mean you shouldn’t have laser hair-removal at all. It is indicating that you should use additional care when you are selecting the laser hair removal treatment.

Prevention of scarring with laser hair removal:

There are some steps you can take to help reduce the risk of scarring, such as:

  • Selecting an experienced doctor and clinic.
  • Understand the type of your skin.
  • Wait for Accutane.
  • Follow your doctor’s pre and post-operative instructions carefully.

Knowing that you are in the hands of a reputable professional is the greatest assurance for beautiful, healthy and hair-free skin.

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  1. Walsh Byrne says

    Someone has aptly remarked that people with excessive hair on their body suffer a lot. It results into a shabby look. Earlier its treatment was a difficult task due to low expertise in the techniques applied. IPL hair removal technique has come into the market to serve the best. It helps in detecting the root cause and diagnosis is carried out as per the requirement.

  2. kaya says

    Yes I agree with that most of the women afraid for the risk of hair removal treatment. But now lots of doubts have been cleared, thanks to your post.

  3. Jasmine K says

    Great post. Its important for everyone to know what to look out for when looking to get this treatment. LHR is very safe if performed correctly by an experienced clinician however it can also be very dangerous when the opposite is true. Anyone looking to get this treatment should check out reviews from past customers and also check the place out and askquestions before going ahead.

  4. Scarlet says

    I agree with you. However, in spite of some negative sides, laser hair removal is the permanent solution for unwanted hair. It not only stops the hair growth but also remove skin problem. Besides, it doesn’t have the negative impact those waxing has.

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