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The Review: What I Experienced

Having that extra layer of belly fat is not a nice situation to be in. You definitely would look around searching for strict exercise routines and diet plans to get rid of those extra pounds. The irony is that gaining weight has always been too easy...

yoga poses

6 Yoga Poses for Weight loss

Losing weight is a gradual process. It is a balance between exercise and the right diet. Yoga is extremely beneficial to lose weight, gain strength and tone your muscles. Out of various asanas, there are a few that help target particular areas of...

Fitness Myths

All Your Fitness Myths Busted

Be it your gym buddies, friends, colleagues, news articles or a fitness magazine, you get to hear a lot of advice, do’s and don’ts with respect to what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.  Since every person is different, his/her body too...


8 Health Benefits of Bicycling

Wanting to get some fresh air and enjoy exercise that is actually fun? Look no further than bicycling. Cycling can be easily incorporated into a daily routine and is a good low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Aside from...