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Fitness Myths

All Your Fitness Myths Busted

Be it your gym buddies, friends, colleagues, news articles or a fitness magazine, you get to hear a lot of advice, do’s and don’ts with respect to what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.  Since every person is different, his/her body too...

Health Blogger

Responsibilities of a Medical Health Blogger

A medical health blog entails discussion on health related matters, for example- diseases, nutrition, diet, fitness, medical treatments, disease management, weight control, health analysis, medicines, research, etc. It is a health education...

Fitbit Tracker for Kids

Benefits of Fitbit Tracker for Kids

Fitbit fitness tracker is one of the top fitness wearable tracking devices out there and it is not without a reason. Fitbit tracker for kids come with a lot of excellent features and benefits which make it the kids delight and a great tool to keep...