Kratom – a Legal Painkilling Alternative to Weed?


While many states in the United States are quietly starting to make cannabis legal for medical purposes, there are a lot of Federal obstacles to using weed as a medicine. If you work as a merchant mariner, pilot or as a policeman for example, using weed even on prescription can ensure you get fired, even if the prescription is legal to use in the state you are working.


This can mean that you cannot access the similar cheap and safe forms of pain relief that someone working in IT or another non-Federally regulated profession. Or does it? A herb from South East Asia called Kratom (Mitrogyna speciosa) is perfectly legal to use in the United States yet has very similar pain relieving properties to cannabis.

The drawbacks of cannabis

There is no doubting the great medical properties of cannabis use. It has been proven to treat all sorts of pain, psychological problems and even addiction to other substances. This is why state by state the people are rebelling against the Federal Government and legalising it for medical and even recreational use.

One of the major reasons people are going over to marijuana is that it is a known quantity unlike the pharmaceutical remedies that your doctor may otherwise prescribe. Cannabis isn’t addictive like opiate painkillers. It is also very competitively priced by comparison to the pharmaceuticals.

The chief problem with marijuana indeed, is the Federal government. You could in theory be arrested or fired for buying a medicine that is legal in your state.

Kratom – painkiller without the Federal problem

Kratom is a herb that is part of the coffee family. Unlike coffee, you use the leaves as a form of tea. The DEA and right wing media popularise it as a ‘legal high’ but since the hit is similar to a strong coffee, you can get just as ‘stoned’ in a coffee shop only without the medical benefits that Kratom has. It has been banned in Thailand in the past, but this was because it has the added benefit of helping people with the symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Since in the early 1900’s opium was legal and taxed in the country, the government banned it because it was hitting tax revenues. Yes, Kratom was banned because it was more of a danger to a Southeast Asian country’s tax revenues, not for its potential risks to those taking it…

While the DEA has recently listed Kratom as a ‘Drug of Concern’ (some say because it is at risk of hitting pharmaceutical companies’ revenues) the herbal remedy Kratom has some great pain relieving and inti-inflammatory effects that are comparable to marijuana. Unlike the hundreds of varieties of cannabis there are only three of Kratom – the Red, White and Green.

Essentially the White is a stimulant that you can have instead of your morning jolt before work, while tackling the pain that might otherwise prevent you from working. The Red is a sedative quite like the big joint you might have after work to relax and forget the pain you had to go through. The Green variety sits in the middle.

The right wing media would have you believe that this is a ‘drug of abuse’ but there is a major drawback to taking too much – if you do you will vomit uncontrollably until the Kratom is completely out of your system. Unless you are into serious masochism for kicks, this isn’t much fun!

The best thing for you if you buy Kratom in the US is that employer drugs tests won’t result in you being fired for using it. There is no Federal ban on the drug’s use and this means that you can use it without fear of losing your job. For those in Federally regulated industries this could well be the answer you seek in your search for a safe and effective alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals that could otherwise debilitate you or leave you with an ugly addiction.

While the Trump administration vacillates on its official marijuana policy Kratom might be a solution for those who do not wish to be at the brunt of any crackdown too, yet still avoiding the problems that come from the nasty chemicals that their doctors may otherwise prescribe.

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  1. Interesting article. I have been using kratom for a few years now after years of severe back pain. I use the red strains to help me sleep and the white strains in the morning to give me a positive energy boost. A truly wonderful herb.


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