How to Keep Kids Away From Smartphones So They Can See It Is Sunny Outside?


Do your children spend most of their time indoors using smartphones? Are you thinking about getting them outside to see how sunny it is? If yes, then you’re not the only one who’s facing this. Almost 67% of the parents think that their kids spend a handful time online.

kids with Smartphones
Boys hanging out playing games on their phones.

You know in research conducted on this, the question was asked: which of these mentioned activities is the most popular amongst children – playing sports, watching TV, reading books or going online? You know the answer right? Yes, the right answer is ‘going online.’

Kids are so busy going online that they don’t have time to spend in the sunshine, making new friends. They spend minimal time with family and enormous time online. If your kid does so, you don’t have to worry anymore. I’ll tell you how you can keep your children away from using smartphones.

Do not kid yourself. The main reason why kids don’t spend time outdoors is that their parents do not spend more time outdoor!

What you can do is get involved with your children!

1. Maybe you can tell them your stories about the special childhood spots in nature. And then help your children to find theirs: Maybe meadow in the wood, the ditch behind your house or the leaves under your backyard willow. This will bond your children with nature.

2. Read Outside. Because when you read outside, it stimulates your imagination. For instance, the tree house.

3. Follow the ‘bright day rule.’ When it’s sunny outside, don’t allow your kids to be on the couch all day. Tell them to go outside. Even if it’s raining outside, tell them about joys of ditch damming, leaf boating and puddle stomping.

4. Motivate your children to go for camping (in your backyard of course!). You can buy them the tent or maybe you can help them in making the canvas tepee. Leave it there all summer.

5. Make your backyard scenery more beautiful. Replace half of your garden with the native plants. You can plant yummy strawberry plants. You know when you’ll be planting these strawberry plants; you’ll come across the fact that weed and strawberry plant can look alike. If you already have strawberry plants in your backyard and if it has leaves that look like weed leaves, don’t worry they’re just wild strawberries. You can even build the bat house or bird house.

6. Engage Grandparents. Grandparents are more flexible and free than the parents. Because they remember the times when playing outdoor was normal, and it was expected from children. They will be contented to share this heritage with their grandchildren.

Apart from all these things, make sure your kids spend enough time with their dad; because there are times when fathers could not give time to their kids due to their work things. As you being a father, should indulge in an activity which is good for your health and which involves your kid too.

You can try the below mentioned healthy activities for dads and kids:

1. Swimming
Get in talks with any of the fitness experts, and they’ll let you know that swimming has always been the best exercise to stay healthy and fit. For children, learning swimming will play an important role in both mental and physical development.

2. Karate
You know you don’t have to be Mr. Miyagi to take in Karate with your kids. As we all know, martial arts evaluated as one of the recognized and popular activities for children and adults to learn. It teaches you self-respect, self-discipline and other factors like conflict resolution and breathing.

3. Camping
Camping has always been famed as the healthy activity for the family. The benefits of going camping are that you get to spend quality time with your family; you enjoy and bond in so many ways. You know you’ll be walking more, and you’ll be doing physical activities more.

All these activities are healthy, and they will keep your children occupied as well. There are so many reasons why parents these days are reluctant for letting their children have a smartphone. Because they fear their kid will spend more time using a smartphone when he or she should be playing outside or doing homework instead.

To your relief, Google is the company who tackles these parental concerns. Parents, whose children are under 13, can request the access to the Family Link application provided by Google which can be installed on the Android phone of both kids and parents. With the help of this app, parents can have an eye on the apps their kids use. They can also see the time spent by their kids on the apps they approved.

Use this technology and spend more time with your kids and they won’t look at their mobile screens for a long time.

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