Is the Canadian Health Care Act a Solution or a Treatment?


As time continues to march ever forward, the costs of living have increased exponentially. Every consumable product has risen in price since our grandparents were young. You’d think with the innovative technologies we’ve developed, costs would’ve decreased as less effort is put into making the products we enjoy. The workforce has. The Canadian Health Care Act has a lot of good points to it in order to keep us healthy.

Canadian Health Care Act

However, is it simply putting a bandage on the real problems of health care? Obviously, the cost of actually living is beyond the means of a great number of people. Why do we not focus on the true matter at hand and target the health providers for fraudulent activities? If you look at the materials that go into helping someone live, the cost to the consumer is outrageously high.

1. Simple Aspirin –

A common practice of hospitals and care clinics is the high price they put on simple pills such as aspirin. For a handful of these pills you could buy a car. Does that mean that the corner store that sells them for less than $5 has the hookup for pill distribution? Probably not. Why should the general public worry about such things? If the government is paying the bill, why not indulge ourselves with a little pain relief?

2. MRI Scan –

For residents of Canada, non-insured individuals would have to pay more than $600 for a MRI Scan. These scans take relatively little time to complete and show anomalies usually within your head. For the cost of a used car doctors can begin to deliberate about how to treat your specific case in the event there is something wrong. Every year, many people are subjected to the MRI Scan as a precautionary measure. At $600+ per scan, why not? The government and/or insurance is paying for it anyway. Are they trying to tell us that the MRI Scan consumes that much power and man-hours to operate?

3. Ambulance Ride –

In the event that an ambulance is used to rush you to the hospital, it could cost you more than $500 in BC. We know gas prices are high, but $500 could fuel most cars for several months. Again, the government will cover the tab. For those who can’t afford the luxurious ambulance ride, you must examine your situation and determine if you’re injured too badly to drive yourself. However, why not take the stress out of driving if the government is paying for it?

4. Emergency Room Visitation –

A visit to the emergency room could set you back nearly $800 on average. Unless you are covered by insurance or are otherwise protected under the Canadian Health Care Act, you could wind up spending a great deal of money for a number of causes. Is this just a way for the hospital to pad the bill to government and insurance agencies in order to make more money? Shouldn’t every hospital visitation be considered a priority? After all, it’s a person’s health that is at stake. Would you feel comfortable if they charged you for dishwater and cleaning supplies if you ate at a restaurant?

The Canadian Health Care Act ensures that you, a citizen of Canada, are protected regardless of circumstance and which province you visit. This federally sanctioned act guarantees that the same level of coverage is provided for everyone. Does this make hospitals and medical facilities bound as government installations? If so, then why do we worry about insurance practices? It’s a convoluted practice that seems more like a mobster film than reality.

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