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#Infographic: The story of the Condom

To commemorate #WorldAidsDay, the United Nations Population Fund have had a look at the journey the heroic condom makes every year to being officially approved for sale.

It is estimated that 18 billion condoms are needed each year to meet global demand so it is important to make sure that each product has been approved for quality assurance and to make sure the product does what it is intended to do in a safe and secure way.

The whole process begins with a 3-12 month ‘pre-qualification’ process which all manufacturers must pass by the United Nations Population Fund before they are even allowed to consider going on sale.

Every 3 years the manufacturers must be re-inspected to make sure that product is still meeting the requirements needed. According to the infographic, only 26 of the 70 factories that applied for this process are currently pre-qualified.

Once the condom is pre-qualified, it still has a long way to go! It needs to be ordered, produced and shipped – then it can finally go on sale to protect billions of humans each and every year.

The extraordinary journey taken by the condom can be shown below, thanks to our friends over at the United Nations Population Fund and AccessRH.


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