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Infographic: The 9-5 Battle: Staying Healthy at Work?

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There are several ways that your workday could be negatively impacting your health. These include picking up germs from sick coworkers, unconsciously overeating during a lunch at your desk and increased neck and eyestrain.

However, one of the biggest health risks related to your workday could be the time you spend sitting at your desk. It is becoming increasingly apparent that too much sitting during the day can have long-term health effects that aren’t easily counteracted. The negative consequences include some pretty scary conditions, including cancer and diabetes.

Health professionals offer several suggestions for improving your health, even if you spend 8 to 10 hours a day at a desk. These include avoiding snacks, drinking plenty of water and eating reasonable portions during lunch away from your desk. However, some of the most important and impactful changes have to do with introducing some movement into your day. Use the infographic below to learn how some big and small changes can help you improve your health for today and for your future.

The 9-5 Battle: Staying Healthy at Work

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