Does Hypnosis Work for Weight loss?


Few problems dominate the self-help arena like weight loss, except possibly quitting smoking. Trying to lose weight or eat healthier is a goal most of us have at some point, and it can be a tough one to accomplish.

Weight Loss

One new approach is using hypnosis, as a way of changing how you think about food and your eating habits. Whether you go to a certified professional hypnotherapist, or try a few hypnosis downloads you can find online, this could be a viable solution if you are trying to drop a few pounds.

What is Hypnosis?

If the only experience you have with hypnosis is over-dramatized portrayals of stage magicians, you’re a little misinformed. Therapeutic hypnosis is nothing more than a natural relaxed state where your mind is very open to suggestions. It can happen when someone speaks to you in a certain way, having you focus your attention while they do.

Does It Work?

The big question is whether it works or not. Unfortunately, there is no solid point-blank answer that can ease your mind. It is not that simple and you will want to know the details before deciding.

First of all, hypnosis can’t make you lose weight in a literal sense. The power of your thoughts will not make the pounds disappear all on their own. The hypnosis is only one part of the solution, not the entire thing. What hypnosis can do, is to help you control your cravings to eat, help you make healthier choices, and also prompt you to be more active. These are the actual changes that will lead to weight loss.

Can you not make these changes without the hypnosis? Of course, you can make all kinds of lifestyle changes without any additional help, but if it was that easy, it wouldn’t be such a challenge for millions of people trying to lose weight. Self-control and will-power don’t turn on and off like a faucet. They can be boosted with the added suggestions of hypnosis, and that is why it works.

By gently altering how you think about food, how you make your choices and how you react to stress, you can make a big impact on your overall eating habits. Suggestions are left in your subconscious mind, altering your choices without thinking about it.

The catch is whether or not you let your conscious mind listen to these unconscious suggestions. If you deliberately and intently continue to choose the greasy cheeseburger when you’re not hungry, then hypnosis cannot force you to stop. You have to allow the changes in your thought process to have an effect.

Having a skeptical attitude towards the idea will likely lead to further failure since the power is in how your mind accepts the suggestions. You need to believe that it will work to get the most success.

So, yes hypnosis can definitely work as long as you take the right mindset with you into the treatment and don’t expect a miracle without any effort on your part.

Professional or Self-Hypnosis?

This can be the next question for anyone considering trying hypnosis for weight loss. Do you get treatment from a therapist, or try self-hypnosis? Self-hypnosis products are usually recordings or video sessions where you listen to someone’s voice as they guide you into that suggestive state.  Not everyone reacts the same way to these products but you can try a few options to see how well you respond to them.

Rather than just starting off with some random voice recording, you may want to book at least one session with a professional to find out more about hypnotism techniques for weight loss. Once you get a feel for the process, you can proceed with your own self-hypnosis options.

So if you are struggling with weight loss, a hypnotism program may be an option to try. Since it is “non-medical”, there is no chance of complications or negative side effects and it should not have any impact on any other treatments you may be undergoing (for weight loss or anything else).

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