Hydrate to Maintain Your Weight While Injured


There are many physical disabilities that can compromise bathroom safety and prevent us from doing fun and vigorous activities. Anyone who has ever been an athlete or frequently exercised knows that when you are seriously injured the only thing you can really do in order to keep your weight down is to watch your diet.

drink water

Obviously this pertains more to those with lower body injuries severe enough to require some form of stability aid to get around, but the same troubles can apply to those with upper body injuries such as a broken back or neck.

Many people don’t realize or forget that every person burns a certain number of calories just being alive every day. The trick is not eating too far beyond that to the point where you gain an abundance of weight and only eating when you are truly hungry. The best way to know for certain if your body needs food is hydration.

When you are immobile and stuck at home you tend to get bored very easily. When this happens all too many of us tend to eat without even thinking about it. Drinking water and staying hydrated throughout the day is the most effective natural way to keep your metabolism going and kill your appetite by filling your stomach.

A common misconception people have is that if your stomach is empty you are hungry. Your stomach only digests the amount of food necessary to for you to go about your day whether it be lying in bed or running a marathon. Any extra food that your body does not burn that day will either sit in your stomach or be converted to fat.

Being properly hydrated will help you understand when you are actually hungry or just have a stomach that is shrinking. This along with finding suitable activities to do throughout the day can help you maintain a healthy weight by making your body crave food only when it is actually hungry.

The best part about hydration is that it still gives the body a chance to burn fat. Everyone including those who are immovable and must eat from bed are capable of doing one fat burning activity and do in fact do it every day; sleep. When we sleep our muscles are still trying to sustain and/or repair themselves.

Our muscles are compose mainly of water and if properly hydrated will continue to burn energy to sustain themselves. A hundred pound person burns about 40 calories a night per hour of sleep. That would be over 300 calories burned while sleeping.

With proper hydration you can curve your appetite and keep it under control until you fall asleep. Then as you sleep your organs and muscles will burn any excess calories in your stomach to sustain themselves and when there is no more food in your stomach, your body will begin to burn fat while you sleep.

It is a method that requires a great deal of patience and calculation but it is an effective one nonetheless for those who are not capable of going on the morning runs or bike rides.

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