How Your Home Reveals About Your Lifestyle and Personality

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Your house is your reflection. Every corner, every space, has a story to tell. Wondering how? Think of a dinner at your friend’s place. A well-arranged table, a clean, settled house and kitchen; tells you of a lot about their arranged tastes and preferences. But what if you were to visit their home in impromptu? Would everything, which you thought of as perfect, yet seem perfect to you? Maybe, the answer is no! Now think, if the same happens with you?

Lifestyle and Personality

The basic idea that I’m trying to put forward is that your house shows what you are; energetic, classic, and creative and so much more. Your personal space tells people about you, without even saying a word.

Here are a few silent messages that the things at your place give, from merely at a look.

  1. The Front Door

Your front door is just not the entry to your home, but also to your personality. It is generally believed that the front door of the house is the point where energy, opportunities and abundance enters our home.

According to the experts, the color of your door says a lot about your personality. Red represents your welcoming nature, whereas brown shows that you are earthly and hence stable and reliable. Every color has it owns interpretation. Choose your color wisely!

  1. Your Bed

Your bed has its own way to reveal your personality. Not only your bed, but also the pillows, bed sheets, your type of mattress and everything else included.

A study reveals that if you do not make your bed every morning and think that it is waste of time, then you are probably somebody who hates his job and equally hates working out. Whereas the type and number of pillows you use also say a lot about your personality. Use of a single pillow shows that one has an individualistic personality whereas multiple pillows signifies that you prefer having your head in the clouds.

  1. Organization of Closets

The way your closet is arranged and the way the extra mess is hidden, reflects a lot about your mental health. It is generalized that people who tend to hide mess under their bed or inside their closets are usually not anxious, whereas, the people who don’t do so, are anxious. Anxious people try to control their environment in order to avoid attracting people to them.

  1. Your Political View

It is generally believed that there are two types of political mind sets: The Conservatives and The Liberals. While the conservatives are the ones with bright and organized rooms, the liberals are people with cluttered rooms. A study conducted in the journal, Political Psychology reveals that the conservatives are very traditional in their mind sets and the liberals, on the other hand, have an open-minded approach to things.

  1. Sock Drawer

Your sock drawer speaks the most about you than anything; not only about your lifestyle but also about your profession. A research revealed that the people who prioritize and organize their sock drawers are very particular in lives. These people are also the ones who are detail-oriented in their professional lives. While the people who get bored easily and are always up to challenges tend to have jumbled sock drawers.

Carrying a mismatched pair of different socks also speak about your fashion sense and the designer personality that you have.

Caring about your home directly indicates that you care about yourself. It is essential for you to start giving your home importance and the decor of your house a more personalized look. Your home will thank and reward you later with a positive first impression. You can have clean house easily with the best house cleaning tips, after all, a clean house means a more welcoming one.

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Anne Pennington

Anne Pennington shares diverse perspectives on the home improvement industry in US. She has devoted his time to write on issues like encouraging people to use organic products at home, making home look beautiful at low budget and house cleaning tips, tricks and services. She gives home buyers, sellers, owners and renters the inside scoop on properties and places. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

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  1. Bhuboy says

    This is an interesting read, its the first time I read about the connection of my home to my personality, will cross reference this when I get home tonight and see what my home says about me. Thanks for this

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