How to Lose Belly Fat through Workouts?


Who does not want to lose belly fat? People desperate to get flat abs willingly starve themselves or adopt latest diet techniques or consume expensive supplements, which assure to offer them that flawless figure in a week or month. Fortunately, belly fat is easier to lose as it is metabolically active. But, if healthier diet is not taken in and the resort is made to low calorie nutrition, weight loss may not take place within the expected time limit.

Calorie deprivation and hunger will ultimately kick in and dieter’s deal with favorite dishes that he had not been consuming will have the tendency to indulge in the first opportunity. The probability of putting on more weight than they lost initially is not far-fetched.

Belly Fat

Controlled Diet and Regular Exercise Hold the Key to Success

Consumption of a calorie-controlled diet and daily exercise routine for 30 to 60 minutes will lead to weight loss. It is proved that intense aerobic exercises will not only help you to get leaner, but also assists you with the desired weight maintenance. It’s essential to remember that it is important to keep the body’s metabolism running at a steady mode in order to burn as much calories, preventing it from entering into fat making state, which causes preventable weight growth.

It’s Not Just About Controlling Intake of Calories

Most people think that it is all about calories and if you burn more calories than you consume, you’ll lose weight. But, it’s partially true; when calories burn up continuously, the lean muscle allows more intakes without weight gain. The body should be ready for the changes it undergoes. Losing weight without fat burning workouts actually increases the risk of losing lean body mass that eventually slowdowns the metabolism. People who’ve lost muscle mass and body fat may notice that they do not have the muscle mass they had initially.

3 Great Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Following are 3 resourceful exercises that can help in losing belly fat:

Exercise Ball Crunch:

In this case, the abdomen does more useful job, but still you need to take support of the entire body to stabilize throughout the routine. You’ll have to lay on the ball taking full support from your lower back. Keep the ball stable as you start moving to stretch the abdomen. Do ten repetitions of this exercise.

The Bicycle Exercise:

It is the best option targeting six-pack muscles; be in a supine position keeping hands at the back of your head. Slowly bring knees to the chest slowly lifting your shoulders and bring the elbow towards right knee keeping the left leg straight. Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times.

Long Arm Crunch:

It is one of the traditional floor crunch exercises, where the arms are held straight behind you, making it challenging one. Lie on the mat or floor and then extend the arms, bringing them together towards the ears. Then slowly go towards abdomen and lift the shoulders carefully, keeping arms straight.

When seeking weight loss program, you’ll have to understand what things are to be followed. Set achievable and realistic targets so that it would help in building your confidence, eventually bringing desired weight.

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  1. Nice tips here. I have to say to lose weight fast, the best exercises are those done in short, intense blasts, as in interval training. Forget the boring cardio-eat well, and keep hydrated. And don’t give up before you reach your goals!

  2. Nice article, although I think running or jogging would be a good fat burning workout. If you are just trying to work you abs then the exercise ball crunch should work.

  3. Well, I can lose my fat only by doing cardio exercises and consuming less calories. It may sound trivial, but it really works… I also try to drink more water becasue this can decrease appetite!

  4. Interesting exercises you listed there. I’m probably going to give the exercise ball crunch a go, but my severe lack of balance will definitely not agree with me when it comes to it. Otherwise, these are some good tips, and I’m probably going to give it a go. Wish me luck!

  5. Bicycle exercise is the one that made significant changes for me. When I had belly fat, I remember max bicycle crunches I could do was about 5-8 .. and after that my belly would start aching. But I kept doing cardio and bit of strength training and now bicycle crunches are one of my favs!

  6. Booze is my biggest downfall. I used to be in great shape but I didn’t touch a drop. I am going on holiday soon so I will need to loose a bit of wieght. Thanks I will try some of these exercises and see if they work for me!

  7. I agree with the controlled diet and exercise will help. But the controlled diet is so hard after workout. I can exercise 5 days a week but I tend to eat too much after that. Is there any good way to control the portion of food?

  8. I’ve been using hip hop Abs series. It made my workout session more like fun routine. It’s not boring and brings good vibes to me. I still have to say exercise + proper diet is the key to eliminate fat belly. ops! before I forgot.. you should always have this… DISCIPLINE 🙂

  9. It’s true that exercise will prevent the loss of muscle mass, but the main way to lose fat is via healthy diet. It’s around 70% diet/nutrition and 30% exercise. So by not getting the eating part right will really hold back fat loss.

  10. Some good start up exercises in this post but if you are serious about losing belly fat it takes discipline, diet, and a good program.
    And don’t think it will happen overnight.Be sensible with your goals, and you will find they are achievable after all!
    I suggest to research different programs on the internet and then give yourself 3-4 months of implementing that program with set goals along the way.
    At the end of this time period, assess the results and that way you will be able to make an informed opinion on your progress.

  11. You got pretty good tips here. I also work on fitness blog. Your might be a good reference for me near future. Keep it up!

  12. Hello there,

    Great post! I would love to try the bicycle exercise. Thank you very much for sharing these great tips! I think it would be very hard for me but I will really try because I want to lose my belly fats.


  13. I took bicycle ride 20 minute everyday. It help a lot especially at the belly part. Sit ups is also one of the popular exercise, it really help burn stomach fat.

  14. Crunches and cycling are best exercise to lose belly fat. Along with losing fat cycling also helps in building up of stamina and leg muscles.

  15. The bicycle exercise method though seems simple but always over looked is very effective if done religiously over a given time

  16. There’s no single secret formula for losing belly fat. You’ll find thousands tips designed to help you make your belly flat. The best way is simply incorporate two or three into your life every day. Without no excuses.

  17. Very good tips,i have lost over 150 pounds and i must say that it wasnt an easy journey but i made it.
    keep up the good work and keep sharing these information.girls like me needed it.

  18. I read your post and I can’t stop myself from agreeing that all the information that you have mentioned here is absolutely right.

    People usually look up for health supplements or go for dieting, which I think somehow is not wrong but if the ideas that you have given are also indulged together, I am sure the results will be really great.

    Nice Post!!

  19. I agree with your list , i would like to add stair climbing to your list. because that’s what i did to loose my belly fat and over all body fat.
    Thank You


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