How to Help Your Guy With His Fitness Goals


Sticking to fitness goals can be an extremely difficult task to accomplish. Encouragement is so important on those dark days when you just want to give up! So when your man tells you that his New Year’s resolution is to get fit, you must stand by him and be the light he needs to follow through. Providing the verbal reminder is great, but he may need a few of these items to help him stay focused and on (the) track. Use this gift list as your inspiration—which will turn into his fitspiration.

Fitness Exercises

Running Socks

Running…aka most people’s worst enemy. If your man has decided that cardio will be his thing, then you have to make sure that he is outfitted and committed. Stance has an amazing variety of running socks that will guarantee you man looks like a pro out there on the track. Their socks are breathable, and have moisture-wicking fabric which will keep his feet cool and dry. Each sock is specified to be a right or a left, and they contain properly engineered arch support. They even have socks with reflective logos, making him more visible when he goes out for a night run. He will look good, and you will be helping him to stay as safe as possible out there!

Massage Oil

When your man is trying to get fit, he will notice that he will become sore in places that he even had muscles. The easiest tasks, like squatting down to tie his shoe, become difficult due to his use of muscles he hasn’t accessed in years. This means he will most likely ask for a few more back rubs than he normally does. Be fully prepared and stock him up on his favorite scented massage oils. It may even be fun to go to pick one out together! If it is something you both agree on, then there is no reason he can’t return the favor when you need it too! Not looking to become a personal masseuse? Set him up with a gift certificate to Massage Envy and let the professionals do their best work on his sore muscles.

Phone Pouch

Nowadays phones are more than just a means of communication. They are also our way to play music, track our meals, count our steps, and they are our cameras to take our progress photos. Since his phone will be with him for all of these activities, it is a good idea to get him a waist or arm band to keep his device close and easily accessible. This armband has a spot for his key, is reflective, and is even sweat resistant. It is adjustable to different arm sizes and it is made of high quality materials that won’t overstretch after a few uses.

Meal Prep Containers

Being busy is an easy excuse for him to not stick with his healthy eating plans. If your guy is like a lot of guys I know, they have mismatched food containers that may have once housed take out, or they just don’t have any way of keeping food for leftovers. These meal prep containers from Meal Prep Haven are a sure fire way to help your guy cook for the week and to help him learn portion control. One pack comes with 7 containers and 7 lids which are all microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. They are made from durable BPA free plastic, allowing him to use them over and over again without them wearing out. If they do show signs of wear though, Meal Prep Haven provides a lifetime guarantee!

One Month Gym Membership

A great way to encourage your guy to keep going is by helping him pay for a month or two of his gym membership! Trying to stay fit can become a financial burden at times. And helping him make the payments gives him one less excuse to stop! You can make him a homemade certificate for it, go to his gym and see if you can make a payment right there, or send him a Venmo payment with only the fittest of emojis for a caption. (Hint: Muscle arm, running man, gold medal, and the power-squatter.)

Whatever it is that you decide to get him, don’t forget that the mental and moral support you provide is crucial for his success! These gifts will aid him on his fitness journey, but nothing can compare to you being there on the sideline, or beside him, cheering him on.

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