How to get Motivated and Stay Motivated to regain your Health


Getting fit and healthy can sometimes take a lot of willpower and hard work, especially if you’ve let your health slip over the years. Though the news is full of the latest research on how to lose weight or gain fitness, they rarely talk about how to motivate yourself to actually put all the research, guidelines and tips into action. So today we’re going to give you a few pointers on how to increase and maintain your own personal level of motivation, to help carry you through any hard patches as you regain your health and wellbeing.

Tip 1. Set Goals

This tip has to come first, simply because there is nothing more important to motivation than having a clear view of what you want to achieve with goal setting. If you don’t have clear and specific goals, you have far less connection to what you are trying to achieve. In turn, with less connection to what you are trying to achieve, your motivation has nothing to anchor itself to.

‘Specific’ goals is also something that is very important to do. Having a goal as ‘lose weight’ is far less effective from a motivational point of view than ‘lose 5kg this month’. Lose weight could just mean you lose half a kilo then you’ve technically achieved that goal and that is that. It may sound silly but your mind really does work that way. So set specific goals, and you will have a far greater chance of achieving them.

Tip 2. Create reminders of your goals and inspirations

It is often said that most people do not have a motivation problem, or a willpower problem, they just have a problem with making the two work together. This is because if your goals are not at the top of your mind often, you will forget them and even if it is only briefly, you’ll find you make mistakes such as going down the ice cream aisle in the supermarket.

Stay Motivated


You need to have a clear reminder of your goals every day. Some set a label on the alarm of their phone, some set a wallpaper on their computer as an inspirational photo. One really nifty trick that is becoming popular is to get an inspirational image, either of the kind of body you want to achieve, or activities you want to be able to do, then open that image in Paintshop and add in a reminder of your goals or an inspirational quote. Then have that printed onto canvas from any of the many online providers and hang it where you’ll see it every day. Works wonders for motivation. There is an example above.

Tip 3. Make It Fun

The more fun an activity is, the more motivation you will have to do it and the less willpower you will need to make it a habit. Find ways to make the healthy food taste great, so it is not a chore to eat it. Pick exercises and physical activity that you enjoy doing, because the more you like it, the more chance it will get done.

It is far better to go for 5 walks a week than one run, and that is what will happen if you do like walking and don’t like running.

So there you have it, the above tips are a great start on your way to building and maintaining the motivation needed to get yourself into gear and achieve that healthy body and lifestyle you’ve been desiring.

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