How to Control Your Addictions and Become a Healthier Person


Addiction comes in many forms, and can be worse for some people than others. It’s a tricky thing to deal with, no matter what you are addicted to. And, while some things will kill you more slowly (like a food addiction), some can kill you quickly (like drug addiction).

Inpatient Addiction RecoveryInstead of daily risking your life for something that isn’t good for you, and is destroying your life, it’s time to start learning how to control your addiction. The first step is always the hardest, and that is realizing and admitting that you have a problem, followed by another hard step; asking for help.

Understand Addiction

First, you really need to understand what addiction is. In the past people thought it was more of a behavioural issues. They thought people did drugs or drank simply to rebel, and that rebellion would sometimes turn into addiction. But, in fact, addiction is a disorder in the brain.

Many people diagnosed as addict get dual diagnosis, meaning they have an underlying medical illness as well, which could have made them more susceptible to addiction in the first place. In fact, many people start drinking or doing drugs as self-medication, whether they are fighting depression or anxiety, or they are trying to dull aches and pains.

Get Help

Once you know that you have a problem and you are aware and accepting that you are an addict, it’s time to get help. Help can come in many forms, but the first is to tell your family you have a problem, and then check yourself into a clinic that can help you get clean. Rehab will get you on the path to being clean, but it isn’t the end answer.

You need to continue with therapy, and even attend anonymous meetings tied to whatever your addiction was. They say that once you are an addict you’re always an addict, and going from clean and sober to using again is a short trip.

Never Stop Quitting

This is why it is important that you never stop quitting. In order to stay clean you may have to quit certain friends, and even quit certain habits. Knowing what your triggers are goes a long way in helping you stay clean, and sometimes people can be those triggers.

Always be aware of your situation, and be knowledgeable about those cravings so that you can distract yourself with something else and get your mind off of that need. That distraction could be going to a meeting, going for a walk, or working on a new hobby you picked up just to help you stay clean.

Live Healthy

By choosing to live a healthy lifestyle, you will be working to keep your body clean, inside and out. This can help with mood, which may have been a trigger for your addiction in the past. The cleaner and healthier you are eating the more confident you’ll be, and the more successful too.

Living healthy doesn’t just mean eating right, but also getting exercise. You may even find that the runner’s high you get from running, jogging, or doing cardio workouts beats the high from drugs any day. And, being addicted to fitness would be a good thing.

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