How Love Can Heal Your Body and Mind


Being in love can be the most beautiful thing on earth. I know it because I am in love. About two years ago I met the woman of my dreams. She is everything I ever wanted. Our relationship is amazing.

But I don’t just enjoy the relationship with her. I also enjoy some other positive side effects of our loving relationship. I feel better, I have more energy, and the last time I checked my heart, my doctor said that I’m healthier than I’ve ever been.

When I asked him how this is possible, he said that love has a healing power that many people don’t know of. He then looked at a picture of his wife and smiled. Yes, the healing power of love is not some esoteric concept. The effect that love has on our health and our wellbeing is scientifically proven.

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Love Can Heal Your Depression

A couple of years ago, clinical psychologists were convinced that depression was caused by a lack of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Nowadays, it is also known that a lack of dopamine can lead to a severe form of depression. This is called the dopamine deficient depression. In order to heal this form of depression, it is essential to increase the dopamine level in the brain.

What if I told you that you don’t need antidepressants to increase your dopamine level?

All you need to do is to fall in love. Even at an early stage of this process, the neurotransmitter dopamine is released in the brain. Every time you think about the person you are in love, more dopamine gets released.

Yes, falling in love and being in love can make you happy and heal your depression.

Love is good for Your Blood Pressure

But love can do more than that.

It can not only heal your depression and therefore your mind, it can also heal your body. According to a study that was published by the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, the blood pressure of couples and singles is significantly different.

According to this research, the blood pressure of people who are married is lower than that of people who don’t have a partner and live alone.

One explanation is that couples experience more support and have someone to talk to when they have problems. Another theory says that married couples are more health conscious and place more value on a healthy diet.

Love Lowers Your Stress Level

Stress is an epidemic, especially in the Western world. In fact, the health care costs for stress patients are higher than the costs for patients who smoke, have diabetes or heart problems.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce your stress level without taking medication and without visiting a doctor?

Falling in love can be the answer.

According to a study that was conducted by the University of Zurich, the hormone oxytocin lowers the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone is also known as the love or the bonding hormone because it is released during the process of falling in love.

Love Helps You to Live a Happy and Long Life  

There’s a famous quote that says that married men live longer than single men, but that married men are a lot more willing to die.

When you believe scientific research, this quote is not true.

Researchers at the UCLA discovered that unmarried people were more likely to die young than married people. According to the scientists, the difference was significant. But that’s not all. They also discovered that married people are happier and more content with their lives than unmarried people.

It turns out that loving deeply leads to a long and happy life.

Love Has the Power to Reduce Anxiety and Neuroticism

In case you are a very anxious and neurotic person, love can help you to improve your condition and your life. Being in a relationship has a stabilizing effect on your personality. I already know this from my own experience, but it’s also proven by science.

Researchers from two German universities, the University of Jena and the University of Kassel conducted a study in which they proved that being in love has a positive effect on your anxiety level and your level of neuroticism.

Love Helps You to Battle Cancer

Imagine you had cancer.

I don’t even want to think about it. But sometimes this thought pops into my head. I mean, it’s one of the most widespread and deadliest diseases that humans can get.

However, whenever I think about this horror scenario, I am glad that I am in such a loving relationship. Married men are 27% less likely to die from this terrible disease. What about women? Well, it’s the same conclusion but a different number. Married women are 19% less likely to die from cancer than single women. This is the result of a study that was conducted by the University of California in San Diego.

The explanation is simple. Married people have more social support. They have someone who takes care of them. Many people who are single are more isolated. Being in a loving relationship can not only make your life better and happier, it can also help you to survive cancer.

Author Bio:

Sebastian HarrisSebastian Harris is a world traveler who found the love of his life and who helps men to achieve the same. He is fascinated by the healing power of love and the effect that a happy relationship can have on your life, your health and on your emotional well-being.

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    I am absolutely agree with you, love and good relationship with your partner is the thing that drive you toward happiness.

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    Love Helps You to Live a Happy and Long Life

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