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One of the most common problems we face while on a diet or while trying to lose weight is lack of motivation. On one day you will feel all pumped up, ready to hit the gym and the other day it will be difficult to even drag yourself out of bed. Here some of the finest weight loss leaders give you tips on how to stay motivated and keep on on track.

Lifting Weights

Be in touch with friends and family

When you decide to go on a diet or are in the process of trying to lose weight one very important thing we skip out to is to inform our friends and loved ones of our plans. Because we may feel embarrassed sharing our plans with them. However that is not how it should be instead tell them of your plans. Make them a part of the plan. Inform them about your small victories over a phone call or an email. This will certainly keep you going after all friends and families are there to support you.

Keep tracking the progress you make

Before starting off to lose weight make sure that you calculate the amount you want to lose. Make a list with all your goals and how you intend to achieve them. Consider keeping a journal where you can make a note of what you are eating, the amount you are exercising and even how you feel from day to day. This is very therapeutic and will keep your morale high and boosted. Treat yourself to something small or big each time you lose a pound. Like a piece of chocolate or even a manicure. Or perhaps a dress that you yearned for, buy it when you hit your first goal.

Make affirmations

Take out time and write down some words of encouragements that you can always reach out to when you are feeling low. You could read them every day when you get up in the morning or at night while going to bed. This will help you realize what you actually want and will motivate you. Keeping a vision board is also a good idea. Cut out pictures or quotes that motivate you like for example, “I love my body”, I will strive for perfection” or “exercise is my form of venting out”. Anything that gets you going should be a part of the board so that it is a constant reminder of what you want to achieve.

Show gratitude

Be grateful for all the things that you have. You could write them down in your weight loss diary.  Writing this will only help you love your body all the more and be a motivation to strive even harder for the best things that are yet to come your way.

Find a work out partner

No matter what your goals are it is always better to share them with someone who has the same goals. So if you are intending to lose weight or go on a diet that you have always wanted, then think of a friend or a family member who also wanted to do the same. You could motivate each other on days that are tough and celebrate each victory that you achieve. If you can’t find anyone from your friends and families seek a self help group. You will meet a lot of like minded people there who will be more than willing to support you.

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A fitness freak and a counselor Catherine Jonas helps a large number of people to overcome weight loss and diet related problems. Apart from being a weight loss leader she likes to train in martial arts to stay fit.

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