Infographic: Healthy = Wealthy: Research About the Health/Wealth Connection


You know the old saying ‘your health is your wealth’. Well, it’s absolutely true! According to research carried out by More Money Magazine there are a stack of correlations between how healthy you are and how many dollar bills you’re likely to have in your pockets.

The bad habits we pick up over the years can really burn holes in our pockets without us even really noticing.

Take smoking as an obvious example. Not only is it proven to be dreadful for your health and well being and linked all kind of awful health issues, it’s an expensive habit to fund. If you buy a $7 pack of cigarettes every day it’s going to cost you over $2500 a year, that’s nearly $94k over 20 years. Yikes! Think of the dream holidays you could take with that money….

Although, a little more tenuous , the research also suggests that here is a link between getting to the gym 3 times a week and an increase in salary – 7% for men and 12% for women. While hitting the gym isn’t going to directly lead to a salary increase, being fit and healthy could lead to better work performance.

Being overweight also makes it onto the list. The link being that carrying a little excess weight can lead to health problems in the future. With health problems comes increased health care expenses.

Stress is another factor that can affect how wealthy you are. This is due the fact that being stressed out can lead to bad habits. We’ve all reached for the ice cream when times have got tough. According to the research, the two biggest stresses we face are work and money followed closely by family and our own personal health.

The infographic below details all of the main findings from money magazine’s research and some lifestyle changes we can make to increase our health and our wealth!

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