How to Make Healthy Dishes Using a Spiralizer


Who doesn’t love pasta? Almost all of us give in to the cravings for those long, spirally ‘noodles’ at some point or the other. Hell breaks loose when you have gluten allergy, or you need to go on a healthy diet as you will then be forced to eat vegetables. But contrary to popular belief, eating veggies is not boring; certainly not when you use a spiralizer. For those, who are unaware, a spiralizer is an inexpensive kitchen tool that has the ability to transform your monotonous vegetables and fruits into tantalizing faux-noodles, faux-fettuccine, and colorful twirls and ribbons and angel-hair pasta.

A spiralizer not only works wonders for those, who want to keep a check on their diet, but is also the go-to kitchen tool for professional chefs, restaurateurs and homemakers. Today, nearly everyone is using a spiralizer to perk up their meals and ensure people consume their recommended daily intake of vegetables without hassle.

What Dishes Can You Prepare with a Spiralizer?


Once you get the hang of incorporating vegetables into your meals, using a spiralizer is effective in making a variety of interesting and lip-smacking dishes.

Pasta: Undoubtedly the most common dish in any home; you can use your spiralizer to make vegetable noodles for your favorite pasta recipe and substitute them instead of regular pasta.

Veggie Buns: Rather than using a sandwich bun or processed bread, you can form the vegetable noodles in the shape of a patty to make a bun. Top it up with low-fat mayonnaise or sour cream and you have a delicious meal ready.

Fries and Chips: Your spiralizer can cut vegetables in the shape of chips and fries, making it a more wholesome way to snack when you are feeling peckish.

Rice: Your spiralized vegetables can turn into rice when put into a food processor. Instead of consuming carbs, you can create the illusion of eating rice without actually eating it.

Pasta Salad: This is a great accompaniment or a whole new dish. Pasta salad is easy to make and will definitely be the star of your dining table.

Types of Spiralizers

There are primarily two types of spiralizers – manual and electric. While manual spiralizers were first introduced, they have no made way for electric spiralizers due to their numerous benefits.

Manual Spiralizer: This type of spiralizer is operated by hand. It requires you to hold the vegetable in place with one hand as you push it down the chute while the other hand cranks the spiralizer handle so that the vegetables can be churned through the cutting blades. The end result usually depends on how well you crank the handle.

Electric Spiralizer: An electric spiralizer cuts vegetables in a more convenient way as it is fitted with a motor and blades that do the work for you. You do not have to push the veggies or crank the handle. Just make sure that the vegetable or fruit is flat at both ends and broad enough to fit the chute.

Advantages of an Electric Spiralizer

Going in for an electric spiralizer is less time-consuming and offers better results. It makes the entire procedure of spiralizing fruits and vegetable effortless and simple. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose to adjust the spiralizer’s speed and the result will always leave you with professional-looking, delicious faux-fettuccine or faux-noodles.

Electric spiralizers also score higher than the manual ones because:

They are less cumbersome and more time efficient: When it comes to manual spiralizers, it depends on cranking the handle and hence, are extremely tedious and time-consuming. An electric spiralizer saves you extra effort and also leaves you with time to spare as the motor and blades do everything for you. You can spend the time saved with your kids and loved ones in a more meaningful manner.

Food preparation is faster: If you are someone, who is always short on time, having to prepare pasta the traditional way can be stressful. You can wave goodbye to boiling or cooking as with an electric spiralizer, you can not only save time, but also eat a wholesome meal that is rich in nutrients.

You can make meals more tempting: More often than not, we tend to associate healthy food with dull, drab and visually less appealing food. However, an electric spiralizer gives you colorful spirals and ribbons of vegetables that are attractive and appealing to look at, even when they are part of a salad, sandwich or soup.

A great new way for kids to relish their veggies: Children thrive on innovation and creativity. They love to break away from the ordinary, and it is a blessing when you can do this to get them to eat their vegetables. Looking at the colorful spirals and swirly twirls, the kids are bound to let go of their vegetable inhibitions and dig in.

Helps you eat healthy: Since dishes are so easy to prepare when you make use of an electric spiralizer, you can prepare nutritious and wholesome food almost every day. As a result, you end up maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet which can facilitate weight loss and help you maintain your weight after losing excessive pounds.

Are Spiralized Vegetables Healthy?

Spiralizing your fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is not only convenient, fast and time saving, but it is also nourishing and promotes healthy weight loss and weight maintenance. Whenever you spiralize, you are inevitably eating more vegetables. This helps you detoxify your body and ensure it stays well-hydrated. The abundance of dietary fiber in the vegetables promotes optimal digestion and keeps digestive disorders at bay. Above all, it prevents you from overeating.

Vegetables boost your metabolism level, help you feel light, and keep you energetic all day long. You can enjoy these advantages by using a spiralizer, as it delivers these amazing benefits without adversely affecting the flavor and appeal of food.

The Bottom Line

Spiralizing your veggies and fruits does you a world of good and is a savior for those looking to add flavor to their diet without compromising their health. It certainly helps you put together healthy dishes every single time with minimal effort and for those, who enjoy cooking and love to try out new things, a spiralizer helps to let your culinary creativity flow.



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