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Health Fads That Actually Work

The modern world is image conscious to the point that people are making money by selling fad diets. Diet firms often look for celebrities to market their ideal diet plans to the unsuspecting and desperate consumers. With the market populated with many fad diets, one can hardly tell the one to trust. The following are some of the fad diets that actually work.

Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Diets

A low carb diet is one with lower amount of carbohydrates. The aim of this diet is to consume healthy foods without indulging in many carbohydrate-filled foods. Too many carbohydrates amount to elevated insulin levels that are difficult to balance.

To get the best out of a low carb diet, you should consume 10 percent of carbohydrates in your daily meals. The rest, 90 percent, should consist of protein (30 percent) and fat (60 percent). Critics of a low carb diet complain that it amounts to consuming high amounts of fat. However, the fats included in a low carb diet are unsaturated fats.

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