Emotional and Physical Health Benefits of Wearing a Panty Girdle


You might have heard of girdles in connection to shape-wear. However, due to the prevailing notion that shape-wear is rather harmful to the body, you might have rebuffed the thought of wearing them. Well, that is not entirely accurate. Girdles can prove to be beneficial for your overall health if used correctly. The first thing that comes to our mind is that they disguise any unwanted fat and muffin tops and give the illusion of a smaller waist size. However, a more in-depth study reveals that there can be more serious positive effects of wearing a girdle.

Panty Girdle

The panty girdle, especially, can be your all-round solution to a lot of problems. Unless you start wearing it, you will not be able to bust the myths surrounding it. Most people who were reluctant to try out a panty girdle have eventually fallen in love with it. Now it has become a part of their daily outfit, and it is a habit they do not want to get rid of. There is a psychological effect due to which wearing a girdle ends up becoming so natural that you forget your earlier discomfort altogether.

Of course you will not realize this initially when you just start using a panty girdle. If you can, however, embrace it as a new experience then soon it will become one of your favourite shape-wears. The most important thing to remember is that unless you wear it correctly, the panty girdle will act as a hindrance.


If you are still not convinced, let us elaborate on some of the advantages of wearing a panty girdle.


Support may not be necessary, but we cannot deny that it feels good. The slight but firm pressure of a girdle resembles that of a hug, which can be emotionally comforting to some. Some people feel that their panty girdle provides therapeutic pressure that can even protect one against anxiety and panic attacks. This comforting sensation all day long can keep people going even in the most stressful of situation.

Apart from this emotional effect, the panty girdle supports your figure and prevents it from going out of shape. Often, patients are advised to wear a panty girdle after operations because it helps the body heal faster. The key is to be relaxed and let the girdle do its job- you do not have to firm your body up by putting in extra effort.

Helps your posture:

There are panty girdles of different types and shapes, and you can choose one that you feel comfortable wearing. However, if you use a panty girdle that goes up your back, then it can help you avoid fatal injury to the backbone by providing extra lumbar support. We know this sounds miraculous, but it actually comes down to basic science. A large number of problems that your body faces can be attributed to wrong postures which put unnecessary pressure on your bones and muscles.

Correcting harmful postures can be a tedious process, and the panty girdle provides that extra support and firmness which makes it easier by giving you little room to move. Apart from back pain, wearing a girdle regularly can also help you with the following:

  • Pain from scoliosis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Pressure on joints

An improved posture and extra back support can do wonders for your physique.

Supports the abdomen:

Panty Girdle

The panty girdle will extend its power to provide a strong support to the front of your body as well. It will take care of your abdomen too. This will help you stand upright and help you maintain the upper front half of your body which often does not get adequate attention. The upper bust also gets the support it needs, and so your back is spared from any extra pressure. This sturdy support is especially beneficial for patients recovering from surgery.

Helps in Weight Loss:

The panty girdle is not a magical device that will help you shed all your kilos without you putting in any effort. Instead, it can be a reliable companion on your weight loss journey which will help you remind you of your goals and reduces your chances of straying.

A panty girdle is no replacement for a controlled diet, but it does help you bring your appetite under strict control because of the pressure of your stomach area. You get a reminder as to how much food you can consume. Wearing a girdle also helps you get an idea how you will look after becoming fit which serves as strong motivation. It is a harmful weight loss tool that is gaining popularity again, and will definitely add that something extra to your programme.

Increases Self-Confidence:

Looking and feeling good is often directly proportional to our productivity. If you feel more confident about yourself, then you will be able to tackle societal interactions and difficult tasks better. You are a beautiful person inside and out with or without a panty girdle- but the girdle satisfies that inner vanity we all have. A straight no-nonsense posture will also lead others to view you as an authoritative and confident person.

A panty girdle may be a luxury, but one that will definitely not lose its charm over time. So you can go ahead and buy a girdle if you want to gift your body a special something. Even if wearing it proves to be a little difficult and time-consuming first, keep an open mind and do not give up. You will soon ease into it and a day will come when you will not be able to imagine getting dressed without your panty girdle.

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  1. Fatima Yakubu says

    Beautiful write up, following you and im impressed

    1. Tom Sleifer says

      This is a really great article and so true there are really serious health benefits to daily wearing a decent vintage girdle every day. I found this out for myself personally about 5 years ago.

  2. Kingsley Felix says

    Wooow good to know that you once used it and am glad it was helpful to you

  3. Klaus says

    My experience are very much the same. I started wearing a girdle a few years ago when my wife recommended it to help me reduce my weight. Although it cost me quite an effort to follow her advice I did it and started wearing a girdle. The first days were terrible. I found the girdle restricting and uncomfortable. But mey wife inisisted. And after a few days things changed. I got accustomed to the girdle.

    Now, five years later, I still wear a girdle every day. I like the support and I feel energized in it. I switched from hwpg to obg and wear stockings with it. I can not imagine to be without a girdle.

  4. Dan says

    Im a lifelong slim , single crossdresser and i am completely addicted to girdles. I have over 300 different girdles in my collection and i wear them every day. They are great for my back…but I also appreciatethe feminizing aspect of it..as well as the discipline. When im lucky…around the house i wear them with slips, hose, highheels and dresses. Id make a good 1950s wife. IWish there were more women who appreciated males in girdles.

    1. Klaus says

      This is what usually happens. You try a girdle for the firtst time. It may be tight and you feel uncomfortable. But you feel the urge to don a girdle again. From my own experience I can say that once you tried a girdle you are hooked for life. What makes girdle wearing such a fantastic experience? Is it the tightness? A girdle gives support and does a lot for ones back. But I don´t think that this is the reason. However, since my wife introduced me to girdles a few years ago, I wear one almost every day. Without a girdle I do not feel properly dressed. Although the styles vary from HWPG to OBG, never without a girdle. I am deeply grateful to my wife for her support. I think that like women, men do benefit from girdle wearing as well.

  5. Tom Sleifer says

    I agree that at first putting on a girdle was somewhat uncomfortable, it does take getting use to, in a sense girdle training, but it really is well worth it. In my case I was very lucky to work closely with a professional corsetiere. She told me that YES you can become girdle dependent, but being girdle daily is actually quite benedical it just takes a little time. To become hooked for life it does take going through a little training. First you need to be fitted in the right kind of girdle for your life style and the work you do and your level of activity. You then need to learn how to properly put on a girdle, lay down on your bed, lean back pull up your knees and pull on your girdle, hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up your zipper. It is also very important to keep your stomach muscles well relaxed and just rely totally on your girdle to support you posture. Another part is develop a daily routine, wake up each and every morning without question and put on a girdle and go on with your day. Eventually over a few weeks you will find you really love being in a decent vintage and girdle, and you will be hooked for life.

    1. Klaus says

      Tom, I agree. Although it takes some time getting used to girdle wearing it is worthwhile. Donning a girdle first thing in the morning becomes a routine. After some time I felt that I needed my girdle. If I did not wear one I missed the tightness and support. My wife took me to a store where I was fitted by a professional saleslady. I learned about the term “girdle dependency” and can say: yes, I am girdle dependent. But there are some benefits of being girdled daily.

      1. Tom Sleifer says

        Klaus – sadly there is a fair amount of misinformation and propaganda concerning girdles.
        I believe back during the Golden Age of Girldes that a girdle was back in the 1940ties, 50ties and 60ties a woman best kept secret. The benefits of daily being in a decent vintage girdle are definitly there. Males along with females I believe from my own personal experience can also benefit for being girdle daily as you and I now know. I always wondered if as a male I could become girdle or corset dependent like I saw in my house where I grew up with my grandmother, mother, and aunt. All three absolutly could not go without being in either a girdle or a corset, even when just relaxing around the house. The professional corsetiere that I used before I was fitted and went through girdle training I asked her if a male like a female could become girdle dependent. She told me without question YES and she would work with me – and yes after a few weeks of following what the corsetiere told me I became like you very dependent, but I also found to my pleasant surprise I love the benefits a girdle offer, I was amazed, not that my posture improved 100 percent but I like how I look and feel with much more energy. Now I know why a girdle was back during the Golden Age of Girdles a women’s best kept secret.

    2. Peter says

      My experiment is a little bit different of yours. When I have found the properly girdle I enjoyed to wore them. I enjoyed the support of girdle from the first time. I felt the more energy of the relaxed stomach muscles from the first time. The only difficulty was the properly girdle found. I think that the properly girdle comfortable from the beginning. I wore girdle from two years constantly. I agree that the girdle wearing is a beneficial thing.

      1. Toms Sleifer says

        What really surprised me once I was able to keep my stomach muscles relaxed and just depend completly on a girdle to support my posture, you really do experience a dramatic surge in energy, Once you expeience keeping your stomach muscles relaxed and you are completly supported by a girdle after a few weeks you do become quite addicted to being in a girdle, but you do not mind you find you really do love the benefits a girdle offers all day. It really is amazing. My advise do not knock wearing a vintage girdle till you try it, you will love it.

  6. Klaus says

    Tom, like you I was used to have my mother and my older sister around always girdled. When my mother came home from work she changed but she would never do without her girdle. During the sixties every women wore a girdle every day. No other way to keep your stockings in place. In the seventies when pantyhose was invented a pg was always with it. I think the ads at that time (for example playtex with the slogan my girdle is killing me) were a mistake. Girdles became lighter and lighter and after some time women gave up wearing girdles. And a lot of girdle producers suffered and went out of business. I think that the decision to give up girdle wearing was a mistake. I became aware of that when I started wearing firm girdles in my late twenties. It did some time to get accustomed to the girdle. But I can only say there are a lot of benefits. Now in my late fifties I am convinced that a girdle worn daily does a lot to improve ones posture and health.

    If you look around and see all these women with flabby tummies I always think how they would benefit from wearing firm girdles. I have been buying my girdles in a small shop and know the saleslady who owns the shop for years. She told me she would never go without properly girdled. And not only women also men belong to her customers. What styles do you wear? For me high waisted obg is the first choice. But I often wear a hwpg too. I love the routine in the morning to don my girdle and fasten my stockings to the garters. Then I am ready for the day. I could not imagine to spend long hours at the desk or in the car without a girdle. I need the support the girdle gives. What a pity that not more people – female or male – do know this. It seems to me that the power of the girdle is still a secret.

    1. Tom Sleifer says

      Klaus – I 100 percent agree with you – “The Power of the Girdle is still a secret”. It really is amazing how beneficial wearing a decent vintage girdle that is firm and boned daily really is. I never realized how great being in a decent girdle really is until I went to a corsetiere for both a fitting and girdle training.
      The girdle is making a slight comeback, but the girdles nowadays are very light and do not give enough needed control and support, in all honesty you might as well not wear a girdle.
      You are also correct when out in public and you look around both males and females could most definitly benefit from being in a decent vintage girdle.
      I found the same thing as you after girdle training, you wake up clean up put on your girdle I wear also control top panty hose and your are sure ready for your day. Not worries your stomach and back are well supported and controlled, your posture is 100 percent improved sitting standing and just getting around, your clothes also fit so much better. I found also to my pleasant surrpsied when I could keep my stomach muscles relaxed and rely completly on a girdle for support I have much more energy and self confidence, it really is rather amazing feeling.

  7. Richelle says

    I have found it to be true about a good girdle helping with lower back pain and headaches. I have been wearing one now for several years and it does help me a lot, physically and even at time emotionally. You look good you feel good is very true. If I don’t wear one one day I don’t feel quit right. The reason is my lower back will give me trouble and the pain shows on my face even if I try to hide it. I seem to look taller and walk with more confidence. Like it was stated in the section above on the supportive hug the help they give to you is well worth wearing one. Get the one that fits proper and does not show through your clothes you are good to go. I agree with Tom on how you feel and look and how important that is to you and to others, this is one thing that does not have side effects like drugs do and no one but you knows you have one on. Go for it and enjoy a better day with one on, the girdle is our friend, not a bad word as some think.

  8. Klaus says

    Richelle, you are absolutely right. I like your wording “the girdle is our friend”. Although I do not suffer from back pain I feel much better when properly girdled. After long years of wearing a girdle every day I can not imagine to go without one. Ok, some may call it girdle dependency. I think there is a physical and a psychological issue with girdle wearing.
    A girdle give support to your back. It improves your posture, etc. But in addition I feel stronger wearing my girdle. I love the tightness and feel that I have more energy.
    I never had the thought that my girdle may show through my clothes. And during all the years I wear girdles only once I was noticed by chance. And so what? Wearing a girdle is nothing wrong.

    1. Tom Sleifer says

      Klaus I agree after experiencing girdle training with a professional corsetiere there is both a physiological and psychological component to being a a vintage girdle daily. What I believe happens is there is in a sense a body mind connection once you get to certain point with being girdled. In a sense a girdle becomes a part of you just as much as a arm or a leg.

      What I experienced for myself is once I could keep my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely on the girdle for support I found I really felt great sitting and standing, and I had much more energy, and no more lower back pains. What I found is the girdle holds and supports my stomach – as soon as I wake up clean up the next I put on my girdle, I found as soon as am in the girdle my stomach immediatly relaxes.

      What happens is you develop a daily routine which becomes a habit you can not break, then as you keep your stomach muscles relaxed eventually muscle memory takes over and becomes use to the firm support a girdle offers you, once that happens you are really hooked and you love it.

      Most people would really be pleasantly surprised if you just keep a open mind how beneficial wearing a decent vintage girdle worn daily really is.

  9. Gilliane says

    Yes, this is very true, I often put on a girdle for the support, even when I’m staying at home and not going out.I suppose my body simply got used to being held in a girdle. So not only does a girdle shape me but it supportsd me and holds me up as well. This is well known to happen after a long time in girdles, but it can happen after a short time too depending on the person.
    Oh the way it holds me up is blessed!
    Guess I’m in for life now:-)

    1. Tom Sleifer says

      Gillane – for many years I have always wondered if a male could become like a woman Girdle Dependent, in otherwords not feel dressed unless in a girdle, and a feeling to need the support offers daily. I decided to do an experiment to see if as a male I could beocome like you. About 5 years ago I located a professional corsetiere with over 30 plus years experience fitting and putting both males and females through Girdle Training. The first thing the corsetiere did was sit me down and asked me some pointed questions about my life style and what kind of work I do. She also analyzed my body, yes as you become older even if you do work out daily your stomach muscles without question will become much weaker and does need control and support.

      She then measured my hips and waist, and she picked out a Rago 6210 girdle for me. She then had to teach me how to put on a girdle, lay down on a bed lean way back pull up my knees and pull up the girdle and then hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper, then she had me stand up, to me honest I had never quite experienced any like what it really like to be well encased supported and held in, I was amazed how great I felt. She then told me to keep my stomach muscles always relaxed and just let the girdle hold and support my posture, she explained this can take a few weeks to even a few months to get use to. She then told me it also takes develop a daily routine or a habit, she had me wake up each and every morning clean up and put on a girdle and go on with my day, she explained to develop a daily routine habit it also will take a few weeks to even months.

      Here is what I found – YES after a few weeks of keeping my stomach muscles relaxed and depending on a girdle for supporting you my posture I noticed I feel felt great with the girdle supporting my belly, I had much more energy and confidence. Yes you do get to the point where you do develop a small belly and can no longer pull in your belly, which I did ask the Corsetiere about and she told me what happens that your stomach muscle memory over a period time (a few weeks) become really use to the support a girdle offers you daily, and eventually you can not go without the support. I found this to be true, but I also found the support a girdle offers daily is very beneficial and I really prefer being daily girdled and I do not mind I have a small belly. What else I found is that once you also develop a daily routine of waking up cleaing up and putting on a girdle, you really do develop a habit and it does become impossible to break these habits nor to you even want to.

      Once all of this happens you will for sure be in a girdle and girdle dependent (male or female) for the rest of your life, and trust me you do find you really love the support, how you look and feel when in a decent vintage girdle, it really is amazing.

    2. Klaus says

      Gilliane, what you describe is the normal development. When you don a girdle for the first time you will find it uncomfortable after a few hours. But it does not take long and the desire to wear a girdle is there again. After a few days or weeks you get accustomed to your girdle.
      You start to wear a girdle more frequently and then daily. Now you feel at ease and you appreciate the support of your girdle. You feel the need to wear one. You would not want to go without one anymore. This is called girdle dependency but I rate this as positive. Looking back to more than 20 years of daily girdle wearing I think I benefited a lot. Going without a girdle is no option for me. Stay girdled and enjoy it every day.

  10. Gilliane Moxham says

    Not only would I miss the girdle but I would miss the nylon stockings as well.

    1. Klaus says

      You are right. Obg and stockings belong together. Although I wear pantyhose with pantygirdle too, nothing comes close to the feeling of a right fitting obg and stockings. The support of the girdle and the tugging of the garters with every step that is something special.

    2. Tom Sleifer says

      Gilliane – I know exactly how you feel. I wake up each morning clean up and the first thing I do is I put on a girdle. I found that once I kept my stomach muscles relaxed and just rely completly on a girdle for supporting my posture I felt so much better, and yes over a few weeks of experiencing the benefit of being well encased supported by a girdle you do become quite dependent for life and you love it. I also experimented with hose and girdle which I found hose also give you additional support which also becomes over a period of time quite addictive to the benefits.

      It is really beyond me why women nowadays just do not see how overall beneficial being in a vintage girdle and hose daily is really great daily, you not just look great, but you sure feel great.

  11. Klaus says

    Great article. After years of experience with girdle wearing I highly recommend it for women as well for men. Yes, girdle wearing for men. There is a prejudice when a man wants to wear a girdle. There is no reason why a man would not profit from wearing a girdle too.
    The problem is that most women today do no longer wear girdles. Girdles have the image to be oldfashioned and restrictive and uncomfortable. Till the seventies almost all women wore girdles. Before pantyhose was invented you needed a girdle to keep your stockings in place. It was common practise that Mothers introduced her girls to girdles (What a pity that they did not the same to their sons). So it was normal für a woman to wear a girdle every day.
    Then lighter girdles were introduced. Playtex started theier campain ´my girdle is killing me´. This is an example how suddenly girdles were noticed as uncomfortable. The decline of the girdle began. I never heard my mother complaining about her girdle.
    My experience with girdles started as a young boy. I tried my mother´s girdle. And I was hooked almost at once. As an adult there was a time when I did not wear. But the girdle never lost it´s magic. When I met the girl – who I am now happily married for almost 30 years – found out about my interest in girdles she encouraged me to start wearing a girdle again. Over the years I tried different styles and brands. But still today high waisted pantygirdle and obg are my favourites. I was wearing girdles for many years and fully agree to the emotional and physical benefits mentioned in the article above. For me a good fitting girdle is part of my daily wardrobe. Of course a girdle has to fit. Best thing is to have professional help. I am lucky. I have a small shop and the owner, an elderly lady helps me to choose the right thing for me.

  12. Tom Sleifer says

    I have done some serious research into confirming the real health benefits of being in a vintage girdle daily. The health benefits are real – it has to do with the fact as humans we stand erect, standing erect along with gravity and time has a very negative effect on our internal organs. Wearing a decent vintage girdle that is firm boned everyday will without question hold and support your internal organs organs in their normal natural position. What you will experience and the benefits are you feel great with much more energy, your posture is much improved, your clothes fit 100 percent better. Yes it does take a little effort to get to the point of experiencing the wonderful and healthful benefits of daily being girdled.

    I came up with this how to go through Girdle Training and experience the benefits of being in a girdle: https://toms0321.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/the-health-benefits-from-daily-wearing-a-vintage-girdle/

    Come to http://www.voy.com/224381/ – to discuss your girdle experience, we would love hearing from you.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Your comment was caught it spam, it has been fixed now

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