Health Benefits of Exercise You Weren’t Aware About


Are you one of those individuals who have a sluggish behavior towards exercising, if your reply is in affirmation then it needs to be changed with immediate effect. One of the major reasons to do this is to lay stress on exercising. If you are still unaware of the positive aspects of exercising, you can consider the below-mentioned points as why you should start making a schedule for exercising.


Weight loss – It is no longer a hidden fact that obesity is a leading cause of various diseases. Exercising really helps in your weight loss regime. You are actually burning your calories when you are exercising. Well, it’s a common belief that one has to invest a significant amount of time for the workout but in actuality, all you need is to spare 15 minutes but make sure that you do it regularly. If you think you are too busy or too lethargic to follow a workout schedule, you can stay active by adopting day to day methods such as choosing stairs over elevators.

Boosts aerobic strength – If you are unsure about the aerobic strength, it is actually the ability of your body to perform at maximum capacity and it is done by getting oxygen from the air that further travels down to the tissues of your body. Many people are unaware of the fact that every year an individual loses one percent of their aerobic power, on doing a close calculation it turns out to be 10 percent per decade.

Let us say that if you 40 years old, this means that the individual will lose 30% of their aerobic capacity by the time they cross the age of 60. This seems a lot of huffing and puffing that seems unnecessary. Both long term and short term training studies suggest that this loss can be cut down by 15% instead of 30% in that time period. Various other advantages of exercise are existent because of this fact. Even though you are not considering other points, make sure that you concentrate on building aerobic strength as it is the key reason to start exercising.

Mood enhancement – Depression has, alarmingly, become a part of our daily lifestyle, however, it can be dealt by following a regular exercising schedule. When you engage yourself in exercising, endorphins (feel good hormones) are being released, which makes you feel and generates a feeling of euphoria. You can also give a boost to your self-esteem when you exercise. Vitamin D can be acquired from the sun and when you do that, you are actually cutting down the symptoms of depression.

Lower anxiety levels – Exercising also prove helpful in bringing down the anxiety level. With the rise in endorphin level, anxiety levels seem to come down. You tend to become more confident in generating a new perspective on the major concerns in your daily life when you workout. This reenergizes you and also brings back your lost energy to approach fresh challenges with new enthusiasm.

Boosts memory – Physicians lay stress on exercising as it prove helpful in the improvement of cognitive functioning. Daily workout helps in triggering a protein which further boosts the cell growth in the brain. Various researches conducted at the National Institute on Ageing has found that when the muscles are being exercised it helps in the production of cathepsin B (a type of protein) which travels to the brain and triggers neuron development.

Builds intelligence – Besides memory, the intellectual skills also gets benefited with regular exercises. With the free flow of oxygen to your brain, it has a positive influence on that part of the brain which is involved in reasoning and planning i.e. prefrontal cortex. Making exercising an integral part of your life also helps in boosting your intelligence and even your ability to carry out varied day to day things.

Better tolerance to pain – If you have a three-week cardio schedule, you get to boost your tolerance to pain. If you are knocked down with muscle soreness, following a workout session, it seems unusual that exercising can help you feel less pain. But researchers have proved that following a regular exercising schedule is a right prescription for all those who feel chronic pain.

Exercising helps you sleep – Various researchers, across the globe, has confirmed that exercising influences your sleep. It helps in lifting your mood and cut down stress levels considerably.

When you exercise during the daytime, you are actually indulging into physical exertion which further helps in maintaining circadian rhythm. When you have sound sleep at night, you tend to improve your immune functioning, cut down the risk of heart disease, cognitive impairment, and diabetes.

Probably regular exercise, at any age, bear great significance for the well-being of our health than what we actually presume. It’s never too late to step up and take charge of your health. The bottom line is that take some time out for yourself and exercise as it is one of the important decisions you can take to enjoy a healthy life.

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