Counseling: Have a Problem? Try Talking About It?

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Do you know exactly what counseling is? It conjures up images of lying on a couch talking about their childhood. It is not uncommon for people to be a bit suspicious about this, worrying that they will lose control of themselves, or that they will appear as somehow ‘weak’. Others think that if they go see a counselor, they must be mentally unwell, or that they will reveal things about themselves that they want to keep quiet. In reality, however, all those worries are unfounded.

counselingWhat Is Counseling?

Counseling is about creating a relationship between client(s) and counselor. This relationship will allow the client to resolve specific issues they are dealing with in their lives. This is done in a collaborative manner, in which an objective has been set. Yes, when people visit an Orange County counselor, they are often facing some sort of difficulty that they cannot resolve without help. However, this doesn’t make them weak. Rather, it makes them strong, because they admit that they need a little help.

Through counseling, people can learn about the behaviors and skills that will help them see life’s challenges in a different light, and address them better as well. We only see problems from a single angle, and counseling essentially gives us the opportunity to see things from a different angle. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that a counselor is there to give you advice. Rather, they are there to observe and to help you to find your own solutions, in a completely nonjudgmental way.

Counseling is about empowering people to become independent. How this is achieved varies greatly, however. It can be fun or humorous, but it can also be challenging, compelling, intriguing, and confronting. The counselor is there as a facilitator between the client and their own feelings. They allow them to explore and develop new skills to help them face their personal challenges.

Counseling is always completely confidential. Traditionally, this is done in the office of a counselor, but it is also possible for them to come to their clients. And, in today’s digital world, some counseling is even delivered online, or over the telephone.

Finding a Counselor

Because counseling is offered in so many different ways, it is important that you find one that works along a philosophy that you can align with as well. For instance, rational emotive behavior strategies, Christ-centered strategies, and cognitive behavior strategies are all very different and you need to find the one that works for you. Some of these strategies take longer to complete than others, and require more commitment. Some require you to take action, others require you to talk, others still a combination of the two. This is why you must, when you want to choose a counselor, ask them about their philosophy, what that entails, and what will be expected of you.

Regardless of the type of counseling you choose, the most important thing is that you find the help that you need in order to address whatever issue you are facing.

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