Going Beyond Hair Loss Myths Seeking the Truth


Your hairs are thinning every day and it makes you feel helpless as if there is almost nothing you can do to stop yourself from being going bald. As obvious, you will be desperately looking for some kind of solutions and try them no matter how bizarre they may sound. It is fact that hair loss is one of those few things that can have disastrous impacts on our confidence level and therefore, we should not be treating it with any less importance. So, to make your life a little bit easy, here we are going to take a look around some hair loss myths and misconceptions that are making it really tough for a troubled person like you who is desperately seeking a solution to this problem.

Hair Loss Myths

Natural Shampoos; Are they any Better?

Well, experts are of the opinion that there is no such thing as natural shampoo and even if some companies claim that, there is no any such proof that they are doing a better job when it comes to preventing hair loss. Moreover, there are quite a few ‘non-organic’ shampoos available in the market and as it appears, majority of them are not even linked with hair loss problem.

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Impacts of Hair Care Products:

Yes to be honest, there are some hairs styling related products available in the market that can cause hair loss. Use of strong chemicals can cause damage to hair follicles and in some worse cases, can cause hair breakage. Sometimes, we cause real damage to our hair when we start giving more attention to hairstyle than to the complete well-being of our hair.

Can we inherit balding from mother’s side?

Many people are of the opinion that we cannot inherit the problems of baldness from our mother’s side. However, this is far from the truth. The sad news is that baldness can be inherited from either side and there is no specific gender bias. Sometimes, the problem of hair loss may skip one and two generations. So, just because your father is not having hair loss related problem does not necessarily mean that you will not have to face the problem. You have to look at the number of your family members who have or who are suffering from pattern hair loss and the more the number of people having this problem, the greater the chances of yours being affected by it. In that case, you might need to visit nearby Hair Loss Treatments center to fix this issue.

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New Hair Follicles are Impossible to Grow:

Yes, it might sound disturbing to some but this is the fact. Rather than trying to grow new hair follicles, which are almost next to impossible, you should be rather trying to prevent losing more. However, things might change in coming days with stem cell research is breaking ground and within probably 10 or 15 years, we will be able to see some dramatic improvements in this field. Until then, we need to wait and you have to use all your resources to stop losing hairs follicles.

Stress and Hair loss:

Though people tend to believe that hairs loss can be caused by stress but there is no such scientific evidence found to corroborate the fact.

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  1. We are all agreeing that our hair is the most important part of our appearance and we keep that in our image. All of us would love to have a beautiful, silky and shiny hair. But how could we keep those beauty secrets to have the healthy shiny hair? Firstly, Eat well and stay healthy that is the first thing that you need to do because if you are missing important vitamins or nutrients, that will show up in your hair as fragile strands, excessive damage or dryness and extremely witch-hair look like.

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  3. I am going through a stage right now, kinda a crisis actually. I’m beginning to notice thinning and balding in my hair. I am losing my self confidence and I just want to shave the rest of my hair off. I know that it’s inevitable, we men especially will lose our hair, but I’m not ready. Thanks for posting about this topic. It was useful to me.

  4. There are many hair loss treatments available for those people suffering hair loss, it’s good to know that there are many factors behind hair loss, and therefore many ways it can be dealt with, some more serious than others, luckily there are specialists who can help those really suffering.

  5. Great post. I think it’s also important to point out that genetic hair loss, for example male pattern baldness, follows a certain pattern. If you are losing your hair because of stress or a harsh shampoo, you will likely start losing your hair in random places or all over the place. If you have something like male pattern baldness, though, your hair will start receding at the temples, thinning on the crown and all that. Important to keep in mind.

  6. Thanks for share with us i almost tried every thing but nothing work then i tried bio hair treatment capsules and really it work i recommend to every one


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