6 Great Blogs to Aware Medical Students and Doctors

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We would like to keep information about things going on in the extensive medical world than simply medical illustration. One of the things you have to do is to keep a track of those blogs and websites that are interesting and informative.

Whether you’re still undecided about pursuing a medical career or already committed to studying the subject, we think you’ll glean a lot of useful information from the medical blogs we’ve selected here. These are all first-person blogs written by individuals who are either in med school or freshly out of it, and their personal perspectives are extremely enlightening.

Got a blog suggestion that you want to see added here? Tell us about it! We hope you will check the blogs out and that you enjoy reading them as much as we do.

Medical Students

Internal Optimist, a Junior Doctor’s Blog

Most students leave school and get into the real world sooner or later, and that’s precisely what’s happened to the anonymous author of this slice-of-the-doctor’s-life blog. When it began toward the end of 2009, the author was in his final years of school. It’s continued into the start of his professional career.

We only know the gender of the author based on very subtle clues. He mentions going through a breast examination from the patient’s perspective that required him to wear falsies.

The overall tone of this blog is personal, unflinchingly honest, and highly positive. It’s a great portrait of what you might expect as a junior doctor.

The Crazy Life of a Medical Student

With a tighter focus than our previous two selections, the Crazy Life was ended in 2014 when its author graduated from University. This capped off five years of insight into the student’s life from the unusual perspective of a Canadian citizen studying medicine in the UK. It includes a lot of useful advice and tips in addition to “fly on the wall” medical school experiences.


If you’re looking for a site that covers both medical careers and also has a wide range of practice resources, then DoctorCPR is a good option. The site is vast and offers a broad spectrum of information on careers and employment, as well as the medical area.

Future Docs

There are countless different paths one could follow to a career in medicine, and Future Doc is here to show us one of the less common ones. The author first took a biomedical degree at Queen Mary’s before progressing on to Barts and The London Medical School. This blog charts that journey from the beginning, with the author’s receipt of GCSE results in 2007. From there it proceeds through A-levels, Queen Mary’s, and the tense selection process that led to Barts.


From the starting of 2016, Antony Raharja, an undergraduate student starting his third year at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, has been writing about his practices about learning medicine “to shed some light on some of the things medical students go through.”

For those of you who have been already learning, Thinkmedic has a section entitled “Ideas Dissected” where Antony examines key thinking in the medical world and observe subjects from the meaning of “Normal” to execution in a clinical setting.

This blogging site is created and maintained by Dr Fizzy McFizz.  As medical illustrators, you adore the cartoons that trait throughout this blog. They truly make you laugh and thus this blog is really admired with all in the studio. While the cartoon and blog started as a student, Dr Fizzy McFizz is now experienced so rules are being twisted here. By the way, if you like the cartoons featured on the blog you can now buy a book.

Author Bio:

Garry Smith
Garry Smith

I’m a blogger in the industry of health and wellness and my website DoctorCPR which wraps up both medical careers and continually improve the satisfaction of the patients with regard to Enhance their knowledge by providing an enriching experience for quality health care tips and guidelines.

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