Fun Food for a Valentine’s Day Themed Bridal Shower


Valentine’s Day is a great day to plan a themed wedding or wedding shower around. Love is in the air, and you will find no shortage of Valentine’s Day decor and recipes to inspire you when planning a fun Valentine’s Day themed bridal shower.

Valentine’s Day Candies

Valentine's Day Candies

Most women enjoy receiving chocolates for Valentine’s Day. A Valentine’s Day bridal shower should be no exception. Set assorted chocolates out on pretty silver platters for your guests to enjoy.

You can also fill candy jars with a variety of other Valentine’s Day candy, such as conversation hearts. You can easily create your own beautiful candy jars by using a bit of epoxy to glue a small glass vase or bowl to a glass or silver candle stick holder. Apothecary jars of various shapes and sizes also make great candy jars. You can find apothecary jars at most craft stores.

You can make easy strawberry fudge by melting one bag of white chocolate chips in the microwave and stirring in one can of strawberry frosting. Spread into a 9×9-inch baking dish and place in refrigerator to harden. Cut into small squares.

Small boxes of conversation hearts are perfect party favors for shower guests. Set out a bowl of candy hearts so that guests can take a box before they leave.

Valentine’s Day Finger Foods

Valentine's Day Finger Foods

Bright red strawberries make great finger food for a Valentine’s Day bridal shower. Dip strawberries in melted chocolate or melted strawberry candy coating.

You can place hulled strawberries on skewers and add other red fruit such as red grapes or cut up pieces of watermelon. Arrange the fruit kabobs on a pretty plate or serving tray.

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