Four Ways You Need to Be Protecting Your Hearing at Every Age


Hearing is one of the body’s main senses, and although some people are born with none, and some lose theirs at ages old and young, it’s important to take care of yours while you have it. People have done amazing things without their sense of hearing, but that doesn’t make it any less important.

Hearing loss often happens as you get older, but this can also be determined how you cared for your hearing as you were aging. Even if you haven’t noticed any issues with your hearing yet you should still be taking care of your hearing now.

Hearing Loss

Wearing Ear Protection

When should you be wearing protection for your ears? Pretty much anytime you’ll be near loud noises, even for a short period of time, or repetitive noises for a longer period of time. You may notice that even your fan running all night, every night, makes your ears ring. That means it is possibly causing damage to your hearing.

There is a reason they make ear protection for people that shoot guns on a regular basis (or ever), and why people who mow lawns for a living (or because they need to) should be wearing protection as well. Musicians, and people that frequent concerts a lot, are also opening themselves up to premature hearing loss and issues like tinnitus, which is why earplugs are a must.

Don’t Use Swabs

Hopefully, you’ve already been told to never clean your ears out with swabs, and you quit doing it when you were told to. Of the many reasons this is dangerous includes the fact that your inner ear is sensitive and swabbing can cause tearing. If you push the swab in too far you can also perforate your eardrum.

On top of all of that, all that swab is doing is pushing ear wax further into your ear canal. You may get some cleaned out, but the stuff you are pushing in can cause a build-up and an infection, which can also lead to eardrum damage and hearing loss.

Get Regular Hearing Checks

Young or old, you should be getting your hearing checked out on a regular basis. You may not notice gradual changes, and it’s better to catch a problem early on rather than when your hearing is severely damaged.

Don’t Ignore Sinus and Ear Infections

Cotton swabs aren’t the only things that can cause eardrum issues. On top of loud noises, simply getting a bad earache, or a sinus infection that causes you to blow your nose too hard, can both cause a hole in your eardrum, which can be extremely painful.

While a hole in your eardrum will usually heal itself, it can get infected, and even if it doesn’t it can lead to permanent hearing loss, partial or full. If you suspect you have a perforated eardrum, or you have an illness that could lead to one, get to the doctor and have it checked out immediately.

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