Four Best Snoring Solutions that Can Help You to Solve Your Snoring Problems


Anti snoring mouthpiece is designed to stop snoring by improving the airflow in your airway. There are many different brands of anti snoring mouthpieces. Not all brand names of mouthpieces are good. The following is a list of the 4 best anti snoring mouthpieces that have high performance rate.

  1. SnoreMeds


SnoreMeds is a FDA approved MAD anti snoring mouthpiece designed to pull your jaw slightly forward. SnoreMeds is made with a hypoallergenic thermoplastic that is BPA free. It does not contain any dangerous materials such as hard acrylic, and screw. It uses boil and bite method to fit the mouthpiece into your mouth. SnoreMeds is covered with a warranty that last for 45 days. You can easily clean the SnoreMeds mouthpiece with a toothpaste and toothbrush. The two air holes on the SnoreMeds is designed for people who are used to mouth breathing.

  1. VitalSleep


VitalSleep is one of the best adjustable MAD mouthpieces that can help you to breathe freely when you sleep at night. The semi transparent anti-snoring mouthpiece is FDA cleared and made from latex free materials. It is available in two different sizes, with one size designed for men while the other size is suitable for women. VitalSleep is very comfortable to wear and does not need to be used with an intrusive tongue stabilizer. It supports side to side movement to prevent your jaw from getting strained. VitalSleep is covered with a 1 year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee. It includes a protective travel case.

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  2. Robert says

    Great list here. I would also add AirSnore and Aveo TSD mouthpieces to the list. I have tried the AirSnore and I prefer it to the VitelSleep and SnoreMeds.

    Saying that, Good morning snore solution was also one of my favorites.

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