Food Preparation this Christmas


Planning for the upcoming Christmas? Christmas party with family and friends is a must. All you have to do is to plan it perfectly and do not forget about the food preparation. Food preparation is critical in any party because you have to ensure that the food is healthy and safe to consume. Here is your tip for staying healthy and safe during Christmas. Prepare the food from farm to table in the safest and healthy way.

  1. Avoid cross-contamination:


All of us love to cook and we will start with the raw food and ingredients. The tip is, if you have several raw food and ingredients, you have to keep them separately. Do not mix the raw meat with vegetables in the same bowl. Or, the ready to eat food with the raw food. This tip is to avoid cross-contamination. Raw food usually contains the bacteria. The bacteria will contaminate the other food if you keep them together.

  1. Chill Temperature for Storing:


If you want to store your food before you cook, the best temperature is below below 5°C. The raw food will be in their fresh condition in this temperature. Pack the food in a plastic bag nicely, and keep it chill before cook.

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A very short but decent guide on food preparation


I agree with Henry. Making the article a little longer with more detailed advice would definitely help. Still a great guide though. Thanks for the info.



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