Flea Bites on Humans During Pregnancy – Do’s and Dont’s


During pregnancy, she’s more susceptible to infections due to hormonal changes in her and the general body weakness. She is therefore supposed to guard her health by exercising the body, eating healthy and maintaining cleanliness. Flea bites are some of the reasons why a pregnant woman should live in a sparkly clean environment.

Flea BitesThe small insects are adapted to, and fond of suckling blood. They live on pets, bedding, clothes, generally the environment an expectant woman lives. Flea bites are carriers of diseases like malaria, Murine typhus, bubonic plague, allergies and so on. Therefore in the process of suckling blood, they may transmit these infections to humans. It’s more serious if it involves an expectant mother because some infections can pass on to the infant.

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It is however not hard to keep off fleas from her environment. The following readily help:

  • Extra clean environment; this involves going an extra step to ensure nothing compromises the hygiene standards of her surrounding like bedding and sofa. Remove any garbage or litter around and always clean and disinfect pets bedding and houses.
  • Clean pets; since she is mostly around pets at home, it is important to ensure pets are always protected against fleas. Give them regular baths; adhere to monthly program of tick and flea treatment. Ensure they have been checked by a vet to confirm they are not infected. Leave them on tether when outside to prevent roaming.

Whenever you suspect that you have been affected by a flea, do not fail to visit your health professional. You need to protect your embryo too; a health professional is particularly knowledgeable on the best remedy to undertake.

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Do not allow stray animals to interact with your pets at any time because chances are they are flea infested and they will transfer them to your pets. With the above tips, one should be able to prevent flea bites on humans during pregnancy.

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