Five Tips for Making a Healthy Home


Maintaining a healthy home environment demands that you take active steps to reduce contaminants, pollutants and unsafe conditions. You can implement these steps immediately to help keep family members and guests safe from common health and safety risk factors.

Healthy Home

1 – Air Purifiers

Many of air purification devices are small and portable and can easily be moved from room to room as needed. Other systems are whole-house purifiers that are connected to your home’s ventilation system. These systems can be particularly helpful in households with highly allergic family members.

2 – Green Cleaners

In general, people simple require that the cleaners they use in their homes do a good job of removing dirt, grease and stains. They usually don’t consider that the chemicals used in the cleaners may contribute to indoor pollution, emitting vapors into the home environment that can worsen allergies and lung conditions. Start reading the labels on your home cleaning products. You will begin to notice how often petroleum products and other harmful chemicals are among the ingredients. Make an effort to choose “green” cleaners that use less harmful compounds. These products do just as good a job as traditional cleaners and release fewer toxins into the environment.

3 – Removing VOC Materials

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, may be components in fabrics, plastics and other materials that are commonly used in building materials and in decorative items. Read labels carefully to ensure that you know the types of products you are bringing into your home and avoid harmful compounds such as methylene chloride, perchloroethylene and benzene.

4 – Managing Stress Levels

Try to make your home an oasis from the noise and confusion of modern living. Have comfortable furnishings that invite people to sit and talk. Play calming music in the background. Ensure that your home has safety measures in place with home security cameras and systems. Keep conflict down to a minimum so that your home can be a refuge from common stress factors.

5 – “Smart” Home Technology

A “smart” home system allows you to raise and lower interior temperatures, turn on lighting, control humidifiers and do other tasks that help to make your home healthier and more comfortable while it saves you money. Vivint home automation systems can help you to control these tasks easily and without expensive investment.

Just these five actions will make a significant difference in the health and safety of your home environment. Take action today to ensure that you and your family are fully protected at home.

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  1. Monira says

    Breathing problems such as asthma and even snoring can be the result of dirt trapped in your carpet. For this reason, carpet cleaning can no longer be considered a luxury but a necessity for every home. It is recommended that vacuuming be done at least twice a week; however, this is not enough to get rid of all harmful particles. Professional carpet cleaning needs to be done after every six months especially for homes with children or pets. The benefits of this go beyond having a clean carpet. You also get health benefits from the same.

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