How to Feel Beautiful In Your Own Skin


Every girl has had it at least once (a week): that crazy feeling of bloatedness, anxiety and wanting to jump out of your own skin. And it is completely normal. In order to balance it up and feel gorgeous again, you do not need to put much effort into it; rather, there are three simple steps which you can follow. Find your inner goddess again and enjoy.

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Embrace your inner beauty

Not many girls are given with the gift of having enormously big self-esteem – the majority of them gets it and learns to have it over the years. Why would that not be the case with you as well? It may sound as a cliché, but accepting yourself as you are and finding your inner beauty is the cure for any kind of emotional pain. Stand in front of a mirror before you go out to a meeting or before going out in general, and find only one thing you love about yourself – it may not be a physical thing at all, it can be your intellect, creativity or whatever you are gifted with, and tell yourself how much you love it. And after that, put a smile on your face and the world will answer back.

Music helps

This is a well-known fact: music can help you overcome even the most difficult moments in your life. So now the time has come to use it in your advantage. Find a you-song (just do not make it a sad song, or one you are going to wish to weep with for hours and days), and then listen to it every time you have the time – let it be the first thing you hear in the morning, let it be the song that is going to start your motors and make you jump and dance and go completely wild with happiness. And then listen to it more.

Dress comfy

Even though we all know that beauty comes from within, there are some things we can wear that can help us feel much better about ourselves. In a recent conversation with Hello Molly, women’s fashion boutique, we found out that there is nothing better to feel in than a great party dress or a simple pyjamas. Whatever you feel good in. If you feel like spending the night at home in your favourite dress, do it! Or, you can find a great pyjamas, the one that nurtures your body and gives you a great feeling from the moment you brush your teeth and go to rest. Use this time for you only and you will not regret it.

Nurture yourself

They say that you should not have to overdo it with make-up. And they are right. Who wants to be covered with make up all the time? This is why you can treat yourself with a homemade facial every once in a while, or simply by going to a beauty salon and paying for whatever service they provide. Or, you can do it at home: be it simple plucking of your eyebrows, painting your nails or doing your hair – the most important thing is that you give yourself a You Time.

In addition, you can tell us how you feel and if there are some things or strategies you employ when you are feeling down. We would love to hear your advice so feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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