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Eye Supplements to Keep Your Eyes Amazingly Healthy

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One of the most apparent manifestations of aging is the degeneration of vision and diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration which are common among older adults and the elderly. Just as the Free Radical Theory of Aging has explained, aging is caused by oxidative stress which degrades cells and suffers skin functioning, so too do eyes become aged and vision, compromised.

Eye Supplements

Why you might need an eye health supplement

There are two studies, the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) and AREDS2, both supported by the US National Eye Institute, which have been influential in defining eye health, including related supplementation in the past 10 years. These studies have revealed what natural eye substances may be lacking that causes eyes among adults to age and degenerate.

AREDS. The first study was able to show how antioxidant and zinc supplementation have curbed advanced macular degeneration (AMD) by as much as 25%. The study also suggested that increasing dietary intake of lutein and zeaxanthin helped curb disease development. However, supplementation side effects showed that increased levels of zinc caused excretory system related disorders, while increased beta-carotene intake raised the risks of smokers from contracting lung cancer.

AREDS. The second study established the importance of lutein and zeaxanthin supplementation in curbing AMD progression by introducing, respectively, a 10 mg and 2 mg supplementation. A 1,000 mg Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation was also further recommended.

The eye supplements you need

If you are ready to go beyond caring for your eyes with just an anti-wrinkle eye serum, like Aurealux Eye Gel, here are the supplements you need to enjoy healthier eyes even as you age:

Lutein, 10 mg. It is a carotenoid that is naturally available from leafy greens. It is highly concentrated inside the macula where it acts as a natural sunglass to shield the sensitive eye retina from blue light. It has been linked to eye pigmentation and may be the cause of duller eyes among elderly men and women. The AREDS studies, among many others, have linked its levels deteriorating levels to AMD and are therefore necessary if healthy eyes must be achieved even in old age.

Zeaxanthin, 2 mg. It is also a carotenoid that helps shield the eyes from the blinding glare of high energy blue light that can suffer the way the eye focuses. Like Lutein, Zeaxanthin has a long-established key role to play in preventing macular degeneration as well as in slowing down its progress.

Zinc, 25 mg. Zinc has been found to improve eye health by halting or slowing down the progression of AMD. Due to the high potential of obtaining too much of this mineral, zinc supplementation must only be considered with a doctor’s advise. Else, urinary infections and related diseases are likely to surface.

Omega-3 essential fatty acids, 1,000 mg. Just like in the development of any other age-related diseases and even skin aging, inflammation is a key cause of organ deterioration. Increase your eyes’ chances of beating the degenerative effects of inflammation by increasing your body’s level of Omega-3 fatty acids. Like antioxidants are to free radicals, Omega-3’s protect your body from inflammation by relieving and soothing swelling, irritation and other signs of inflammation before this causes damage to your eyes.

Vitamin A or beta-carotene, 5,000 IU. This helps curb the progress of AMD. Extreme care and adherence to physician’s orders, however, must be strictly observed as excessive amounts of either Vitamin A or beta-carotene may result to several side effects, including increased risk for lung cancer among smokers.

Vitamin C, 500–800 mg and Coenzyme Q10, 30 mg. These help supply the energy needs of eye cells. While these are among the common ingredients found in anti-aging creams, such as the Aurealux Eye Gel, these are beneficial as oral supplements to promote eye health as well.

Vitamin E, 200 mg. Several studies have linked Vitamin E to cataract prevention.

Resveratrol, 300 mg. Derived naturally from grapes, these have been shown to relieve inflammation of blood vessels which supports delaying AMD.


Get healthy eyes beyond the superficial benefits of topical creams. Check if you need supplementation.

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