Experience the Bliss of Yoga Right at Home – 6 Handy tips


Yoga is a grand way to beat the regular stress and strain of life. Most of us stay too stuck in the surface of our busy lives to delve deeper into the true meaning of a complete living. Our professional and personal pressures keep us busy and we seldom get a chance to divert our focus towards a healthier and a more mature ‘We’.

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Yoga and meditation are gateways to escape the disturbing multiplicity of our lives into the peaceful singularity of ourselves. Given the fact that not many of us would have a chance to pay special visits to regular yoga training sessions, here are a few ways to get familiar with the art of taking our lives to a higher, more enlightened level, at home.

1. The routine:

Like every vital life function, that follows accurate body clock alarms, every form of exercise has to be practiced regularly at a specific time interval. If someone told you, yoga necessarily needs to be practiced in the morning, well, yes, that is ideal. But it is not compulsory. You can decide on a routine that suits your lifestyle. Mornings and evenings are great. But any time in the day or in the night is equally good. Just avoid eating before you stretch out your yoga mat.

2. The place:

Yoga is best effective when done under the open sky. The reason is, our bodies have better exposure to oxygen in an open space, unlike a closed room. Parks and grassy grounds are really good places. But, if you are staying in an apartment structure, where grassy ground is unavailable, use your porch, patio or balcony area. Remember, it is open fresh air that your body needs while following the breathing beats of yoga postures.

3. The surface of practice:

Avoid using soft fluffy surface for yoga. Use a mat on hard ground. If it is a grassy surface, you would not need anything. Never ever sit on your bed and do your asanas. A soft surface distracts the required posture. A bad posture might cause you unnecessary strains here and there and cause internal injury.

4. Warm up:

Meditation is the path of warming up for an effective yoga session. Make sure you relax your body and focus your mind before you start. Sit down in the right posture with your eyes shut, chin high, mind relaxed and stress driven out. Use meditation chants or just try to focus on the spherical light at your forehead. Watch it change its colors and finally when you feel you are completely in harmony with your spiritual self, open your eyes and begin your asanas.

5. The role of music:

Music is a therapy, to our minds and to our body. Some genres of music induce energy while others bring calm on our minds. There is special yoga musical stuff available at music shops. Go, fetch one. The particular rhythm of meditation and yoga music releases the brain from strenuous thoughts and allows us to concentrate on our inner selves. If you do not have music for your aid, look out for some quite place. That too helps your mind calm down.

6. The nature of asanas:

Yoga does not mean stretching your limbs till you feel they are being pulled out from your body. The art of controlling your breathing and mobbing your body in harmony with your inhalation is yoga. Do not go for extremely difficult postures without expert guidance. You might end up hurting yourself severely. Nerve damages are also possible. Start with easier postures that just help your muscles relax and feel good. Do not push yourself a lot in an effort to be a yoga pro.

The aim of yoga is not weight loss. That is a misconception amongst many. Yoga aims at keeping you healthy and in tune with nature. There of course are postures that help weight loss, but that should not be your motive. Practice basic yoga and meditation for a bountiful living.

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