Expecting a Baby? 4 Symptoms to Watch Out For


Pregnancy is often anticipated with much excitement as women who have hoped for a baby to hold are now walking down that path. However, the so-called pregnancy glow may soon be replaced with a variety of not-so-fun symptoms of pregnancy. Morning sickness, fatigue and forgetfulness descend, and women begin the long nine-month wait before meeting their new little boy or girl. Pregnancy brings with it many irritating but perfectly normal symptoms; however, these four symptoms can be dangerous and should be brought to the attention of one’s physician immediately.


ItchinessItchiness can be easy to ignore especially during the winter when skin is more likely to be dry. Besides this, during pregnancy, the skin on the abdomen, chest, buttocks and thighs is typically stretched, causing itching. However, itching that is not controlled by body lotion should be checked out with one’s doctor to determine if it is something more concerning than typical dry skin.

A couple different problems may cause itchy skin and rashes during pregnancy. The first is called PUPPP, or pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. This condition is not dangerous and can often be controlled with over-the-counter medications. The other cause of itchiness, known as cholestasis of pregnancy, is more serious because it can cause stillbirth or preterm labor according to The Bump. It is typified by itchiness particularly on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.


Bleedingimage credit: wikihow

Pregnant women should be on the lookout for any vaginal spotting or bleeding. Many times, some spotting is nothing serious and is often seen during implantation at the beginning of pregnancy or following sexual intercourse throughout the course of the pregnancy. However, women should let their doctors know if they experience any type of bleeding and especially if the bleeding is severe because this may indicate miscarriage or the tearing away of the placenta.

Later in pregnancy, this may indicate the onset of labor. Reputable obstetric doctors working either through a hospital system or an independent clinic, such as a Utah Valley OBGYN, can perform tests, including ultrasounds, to determine the exact cause.

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