Examine the Main Reasons for Getting Rid of Your Old Mattress

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You must realize that one-third of your life is actually spent in bed. This obviously, indicates that your mattress is undoubtedly an integral part of your existence and the significant amount of time you are used to spending on it, could be contributing to your overall well-being. The average mattress is said to last for 8 years or so. After that, your mattress needs to be replaced otherwise, there would be many serious health implications including a backache, insomnia, and other sleep associated issues. If you continue to sleep on an old mattress, you could be exposed to several health risks.

Old Mattress

Back Pain & Neck Pain Due to an Old Mattress

Remember that even the best quality mattress would be losing their shape and utility eventually. With mattress structures dipping and sagging, your body including the pressure points would no longer be completely supported with the help of an old mattress. Sleeping regularly on an old mattress with no proper support could result in straining your back and neck. It would certainly disturb your night’s restorative sleep.

There is no point in prolonging the life of an old mattress because your health would be benefitting immensely if you invest in a new top quality mattress. To discover the best mattress for your pressure points and sleeping position to rule out any back or neck pain, you must browse the helix sleep reviews online.

Insomnia Triggered By an Old Mattress

Your sleep environment is often the culprit in triggering insomnia. An uncomfortable mattress could be chiefly responsible for chronic sleep issues and insomnia. A bad mattress is reason enough for making you toss and turn the entire night, desperately looking for a relaxing and perfect sleeping position. As per a recent survey, a majority of the people believed that old mattresses were so uncomfortable that they kept them awake.

Many of them felt that an old mattress was almost as bad as sleeping every night on the floor. People are in the habit of going on with an old mattress with springs poking out dangerously. It is important for you to realize that the secret to a peaceful sleep starts with the fundamentals- the mattress. Invest in the perfect mattress supporting equally your body type and back. Always make sure that it is best-suited to how you would be moving around during your sleep.

Bed Bugs & Dust Mites Find a Home in Old Mattresses

Bed bugs are a real threat. An old mattress is supposed to be an ideal breeding ground and habitat for the infamous bed bugs and dust mites. It is a pretty challenging task to get rid of these tiny insects. They keep giving itchy bites. The main indications of the presence of bed bugs are reddish spots appearing on the bed sheets and also tiny red bites in patches on your skin. Bed bugs are usually, found all along the mattress seams.

As many as 10 million or more dust mites could gather in an old mattress for feeding on your dead skin cells. Dust mites are known to trigger allergic reactions. It is best to buy a new mattress to get rid of this issue.

An Old Mattress: Breeding Ground for Mould & Bacteria

A broad spectrum of fungi and bacteria would be camping in your old mattress. For instance, staphylococcus, enterococcus, norovirus staphylococcus, and also MRSA, that could be causing skin infections, serious viruses, and even urinary tract infections.

Mold would love to camp in your old mattresses particularly, if your room does not seem to be properly ventilated or if it is vulnerable to damp. Mold would be causing some allergic reactions including itchy eyes, coughing, and even eczema.


It is better to get rid of your old mattress, instead of unnecessarily exposing yourself to health risks. Remember that airing the mattress or drying it out or even using a dehumidifier are all short-term fixes. The only way of avoiding health hazards is by investing in a new mattress.

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