Everything You Wanted to Know About Olive Oil


Healthy eating and healthy living have become the prime concern for people around the world. Everyone wants to have the best of food products to fight with pollution and stress. Health enthusiasts are exploring healthy choices in all food types starting from salt to supplements. Changes are being introduced in the conventional eating habits by bringing in new healthy alternatives to replace the existing unhealthy choices. Switching to whole grains and using healthier oils are topping the list. While there are many healthy oils worth including in the diet, the benefits of olive oil are unmatchable.

Olive oil that has been the prime ingredient in Italian cuisine have now travelled the entire world due to its unparalleled health advantages. Before you bring this health rich oil to your kitchen, here are few things you may know!

Olive oil

  1. What is extra virgin olive oil?

When it comes to using the olive oil, it is always the extra virgin olive oil that is recommended. The term extra virgin is used for the oil that is extracted from the first olive press. This oil is considered to be one of the healthiest forms of olive oil because it is not heated or processed further. The health boosting elements of olives remain intact and this makes this oil so good! Extra virgin olive oil that is also called cold pressed oil would have the amazing aroma and delectable taste. It is used as salad dressing, in dips, or just drizzled on anything and everything for extra-ordinary taste.

  1. Other types of olive oil

If you are buying olive oil to add health to your every meal then nothing can replace the extra virgin olive oil. You will come across different titles like Pure, Virgin, Pomace, Light, or even just olive oil, however none of these types would mean the extra virgin olive oil. If it is not written extra virgin over there then it won’t have the same qualities! Don’t expect the same health benefits from different version. All other olive oil types are the refined versions and may lack the essential nutrients. So, when you talk health, only think of Extra Virgin olive oil and nothing else.

  1. Extra Virgin is not good for cooking

This argument used against extra virgin oil is not supported by the experts. In fact, if the expert’s advice is to be believed then this oil can be used even for deep frying. Extra virgin olive oil is stable due to high polyphenolic content and can be heated up to 410 F without any problem. The temperature required for deep frying is almost 50 F lower. So, now next time you come across any other type of olive oil then don’t just buy it due to this reason as your extra virgin oil is versatile in nature.

  1. Process of manufacturing olive oil justifies its cost

You will find extra virgin olive oil costly and that would be one of the reasons to opt for cheaper options. However, if you will know the processes involved in extraction of extra virgin olive oil then you won’t find it costly anymore. It requires sourcing of hand harvested fresh olives. The olives are cold pressed on the same day to get the freshness trapped in every drop of oil.

  1. Don’t judge quality from its color

Even the best quality olive oil is found in many colors. The color would not be the measure for its quality. If the aroma and taste of olive oil creates a magic for your senses then the oil is good irrespective of its color.

Olive oil is healthy and nutrient rich. Include it in your diet but with many other oils as rotation of oils help in getting the right blend of nutrition.

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