Essential Weight Lifting Equipment to Keep your Body Healthy


You need to do regular exercise in order to maintain the body weight and keep yourself active. A person needs to remain committed and dedicated to maintain the daily routine of exercise.  Daily workout not only keeps your body and mind active, but it is also beneficial in many aspects. You have many options to look for while choosing these equipments. There are certain strength training tools that are essential to build muscle and strength.

These equipments are divided into weightlifting equipments and mental strength training tolls. On the physical side, you need  barbell, dumbbells, squat rack, weight plates etc. Some mental tools, which you need are, inspiration, motivation, drive and strength training routine.

You can easily find all these physical tools, if you work out at a commercial gym. If you are building a home gym, given here are some essential tools.

Weight Lifting Equipment

Weight lifting Equipment

Olympic BarbellThis crucial equipment is required for dead lifts, squats and presses. By using barbell, you can lift more weight without buying different dumbbells.

Squat Rack/Power Rack- This equipment allows maximal safety, as they are equipped with safety pins that hold the barbell in case something goes wrong.

Pull-up bar Pull-ups is an essential strength exercise in any program. These are of two types, angled bar and straight bar.

Dip bars Like pull ups, dips are also a great strength exercise and a great tool for upper body power and size, especially for triceps, shoulders and chest.

Dumbbells- This is an essential equipment, but not as important as barbells especially for the beginners of the strength training program.

Conditioning- Jump rope is a simple and awesome exercise, which gives you a quick cardio workout or warm-up before training.

Sleep- This is one of the easiest and cheapest strength training tools for you. It is very crucial to sleep 7-9 hours every day.

Mental Strength Training Tools

Motivation- Motivation is quite essential to make a routine for exercise. The motivation can be in the form of video, music and strength quotes of your favorite weightlifter.

A Plan or Routine- Make a good routine that is simple and suitable as per your needs. Follow this routine for few months for it to work. If you regularly go to gym then it keeps you on track and simplifies things.

Advanced Weightlifting Equipment

  • Reverse hyperextension
  • Power Lifting Leather Belt
  • Glute ham raise
  • Chalk
  • Drag sled/ Prowler
  • Kettlebells
  • Ab wheel

When you get beyond beginners level you will start up adding more strength tools. It is a good option to learn some basic body weight exercise before moving to the more advanced barbell training.  If you building your own gym or join a commercial gym then the basic weight lifting equipments you need, are squat rack, weight plates and barbell.

There are many options available for buying these equipments. You can visit the store, which deals with these equipments. There are number of sites where you can find these weight lifting equipments at affordable rates.

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