Is Emergency Dental Care Needed for You?


There are many different dental injuries that require emergency care. Being aware of them will help you to get the problem solved as soon as possible and in a proper way. In a similar way, there are some dental procedures that are not to be treated as emergencies. There are basically oral injuries that will require an immediate treatment and oral injuries that do not force you to go to a specialist.

Emergency Dental Care

Do You Need Emergency Care?

The most common mouth injuries are broken, knocked out and cracked teeth. They can appear because you bite out of something that is hard, you are injured in a sports event, you fall or are faced with other accidents. Based on injury severity and where your tooth is placed inside the mouth, the minor fractures and the chipped teeth can usually wait until the regular office hours of the dentist. You do not really need emergency dentist Indianapolis services in such cases.

In the event that the dental crack is severe, a larger tooth part is missing, there is nerve damage in your tooth or the tooth ended up being completely knocked out, immediate dental care is always necessary.

What Should You Do While Waiting?

There are different things that you can do whenever you are faced with a tooth injury. As you wait you want to handle the area as little as possible in the event you have a knocked out tooth. If it is possible to put your tooth back inside socket you can do this. Try to bite on wet tea bags for some comfort. Do your best not to swallow teeth. When the tooth does not stay inside the socket as you go to your dentist, rinse off the area and try to remove all the dirt that is visible. Apply wet, cold compresses if you have to deal with bleeding from the socket.

In some situations you do not really know the problem, as you obviously do with broken teeth or knocked out teeth. You can simply be faced with really strong tooth pain. For instance, the pain may appear because of an abscess. In this case you want to contact the office of the dentist first, even if you believe emergency care is necessary. The dental office can offer you important information or you may be scheduled for a faster appointment than normal. There are many dentists that do have open slots in the event an emergency appears.

Some people do not place a call because they believe the office is closed. Do not do this and just call. It is possible that instructions may be recorded as an answering message or that emergency numbers are presented. When you have no solution following these steps, the only think that you can do is to go to the emergency room. The doctors there can tell you what to do next and can help you to deal with the pain by offering appropriate medication. Comfort is always what is important first with any dental injury.

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