How to Eliminate Asthmatic Symptoms With Natural Remedies


There are over 300 million people in the world who suffer from asthma. The inflammatory disease of the airways affects both young and old and there is currently no cure for the illness. However, this doesn’t mean symptoms cannot be alleviated and managed in different ways. If you’re suffering from asthma, you have hope.

Research has not yet been able to determine the exact causes of asthma. In an asthma attack, the airways to lungs overact to allergens or other irritants and become inflamed and constricted. Since you need these airways for carrying oxygen to your body, the constrictions make breathing more difficult and the airways will eventually start making mucous, which in turn constricts the airways further. When you use asthma medication, the objective is to control the inflammation, reduce mucous build up and keep the airways open for longer.

Traditional asthma medication usually includes different types of corticosteroids and other such medicines. Since these are chemicals and artificial products, they do also come with side effects and risks. However, it is possible to eliminate and alleviate the asthmatic symptoms with natural remedies as well – here are the best home remedies to try.


national garlic day

Garlic is one of the best natural remedies in the world and you should definitely start eating more of it. Studies have also shown it to be beneficial for asthma sufferers, mainly due to its ability to clear congestion. Garlic is also a great anti-inflammatory.

You can add garlic to your food and enjoy it that way, but you could also start drinking garlic milk. You just need to boil three cloves with a quarter cup of milk and drink the mixture once it has cooled down.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus has strong decongestant properties and therefore, it’s perfect for asthma symptoms. Eucalyptus oil is rich in a chemical called eucalyptol, which has been found to break mucous – reducing the build-up and making it easier to breathe.

When you are suffering from a bad asthma attack, boil a pot of water and add two to three drops of eucalyptus oil in it. Place your head above the boiling mixture, covering your head and the pot with a towel and creating a tent-like structure, and breathe in the steam for a few minutes.

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