Drug Abuse: Powerful Ways to Keep Yourself From Relapsing After Treatment


Drug abuse is never a lifestyle that somebody chooses for themselves. It just happens. Sometimes it’s generational, often times it’s happenstance. The events that happened in your life led to a choice, which led to another choice, which eventually led to substance abuse.

It was something you weren’t proud of when you picked up the bottle, lit another joint, or stole another item to pay for the thing you couldn’t live without. It’s true that the individual involved is just a victim in the nasty game that is substance abuse and addiction.

It’s a scary place to be in that often leads to somebody seeking treatment. Treatment is always a good option, but once you’re done with treatment, how do you keep yourself from going right back to where you were and relapsing into the same dependency and situation you’ve always hated?

The answers aren’t easy; but here are some powerful ways you can keep yourself from relapsing after treatment:

Drug addictPut Yourself in Community

During and after treatment, community is the most important thing you have to be intentional about in your life. The community you built for yourself before treatment landed you in a mess. You need to choose differently this time around. Consider looking into sober living communities. When people like you are all working towards the same goal, it’s easier to stay strong.

Give Yourself A Goal to Meet

Before you were clean, your goals in life were very different from what they are now. You might have had goals to live day to day, make it through the work week, just so you could live it up with friends all weekend. Now that goal has changed. Find a new focus. Have you always wanted to learn to play piano? Work for it. Have you always wanted to be a boxer? Channel your passion into that and make it happen.

You’re a powerful individual. Your life is now about reaching for new heights that you set for yourself. When all you want to do is reach for the bottle or the lighter, channel that same drive and put it towards your new goal to better yourself and not just be content sitting in a puff of smoke and letting your mind wander. You’re worth more than a trip. You’re worth a lifetime of experiences.

Connect With God

Before you went through the fires of addiction, you might not have believed that God exists. Do you feel different now? If you don’t, and you’re still left feeling the same despair you were feeling before you received help, maybe a connection with God is just what you need to avoid going back to the same dark place you were in.

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  1. This article provides practical, useful tips. It illustrates that treatment doesn’t end with rehab but is a lifelong process. It also provides encouragement and hope.


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