Diet Mistakes That can Ruin your Efforts to Lose Weight

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It gives an intense pleasure when you pile your plates with wholesome foods. The relief is that of sticking to a dietary regulation. It is no doubt tough to accept the healthy palates everyday overcoming the temptation of all the delicious foods. When there are so many tempting dressing, eating veggies is certainly not boring. You can eat up a hearty serving of veggies with a delicious dressing of blue cheese or perhaps a nice herbed ranch. And tell yourself that this healthy food will soon have an effect on your waistline. You will be able to shed off the excess pounds quickly following this diet regimen. Sad to say that day will not arrive sooner or later if you stick to this diet plan.


Asking why? You may tell that veggies are packed with nutrition and have much lesser fat. True-but in your endeavor to make the boring vegetables taste good you have performed a diet disaster. You are ultimately consuming more fat, calories and a lot of salt. Before making the menu decision you have to know what has to be avoided so that your healthy foods stay healthy when you consume them. We will also share some tricks to keep your weight goal on the top of the mind steering off the temptations.

Know the calories

It is extremely enjoyable to dip the crispy piece of carrot in mayonnaise and enjoy it while watching the television. But do you know how much calorie is there in a spoonful of mayo. What you are saying? One tablespoon full of mayo has 94 calories. You stay away from mayo and instead try the healthy peanut butter. Sure the peanut butter is a source of healthy fat and protein. But it has similar calorie content as that of the mayo. Before you prepare the dressing for the veggies you should be aware that 2 tablespoon of creamy dressings can pack 15 g of fat in your body. Eating just few calories more each day can translate into lot of weight gain at the end of a year.

The healthy way

If you cannot do without some kind of dipping or dressing, mix the fat free yogurt with zingy seasonings like curry powder. You may even mix the freshly prepared salsa with it. Black bean paste and hummus can also be great to coat the veggies. It will add flavor, fiber and protein to the vegetables. However, check the labels of the bottles. Calories and fat vary from brand to brand.

Some of the healthy vegetables

Majority of people are conscious of nutritional values of broccoli, Brussels sprouts or sweet potatoes. They are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy nutrients. The calories of these vegetables are also quite low. But when you fried them, the fat and the calorie counts become excessive.

The healthy alternative

Bake the vegetables of your choice. You may sprinkle seasoning or use fat free dressing to make them tasty.

Using more of healthy oil

Extra virgin olive oil is good in monounsaturated fat which can lower the bad cholesterol. For that you cannot use the oil in excess amount. 1/4th cup of olive oil has about 54g of fat and 477 calories.

The healthy move

At the time of broiling and grilling use a pastry brush to lightly grease the foods with oil. For stir frying the vegetables wipe the wok with a paper towel soaked in oil before putting the ingredients in it.

Avoiding the sweet fruits

Fruit have high sugar content and will add on weight. Those dieting often believe that cutting off the sweet fruits from their diet can keep their pounds intact. Instead they like to have fruit juice. It is a misconception. Fruits that are naturally sweet will not jeopardize your diet plans in any way. On the other hand bottled juices contain high percentage of added sugar.

Health benefits

Eat fresh fruits without a sense of guilt. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber. It will also keep you fuller for a longer duration.

Eating less and exercising more

If you suddenly cutout all the fat foods from your daily meals and along with it do rigorous exercises, you will lose weight within few days. But, if you drastically cut out the calories, your body will automatically lower the rate of metabolism and weight loss procedure will slow down. Actually your appetite takes time to adjust to a restricted eating plan. If you lose weight too fast there is always a chance to gain them back as soon as you submit to your cravings.

What to do

2,000 calories is the average target for most of the Americans. But, the same calorie calculator may not be effective for you. It will vary according to your lifestyle, age, weight and health condition. Consult with a nutritionist or a dietitian and the specialist will tell you the ideal diet considering all the factors.

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    Hi Rita,

    You’re right, Its important to know how much calories intake is healthy for you so that you can keep your body fit and active. Apart from diet one should also focus on regular exercise to get healthy body.

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