Detox Drink That Will Make You Glow From Inside


Changing Weather, Stress levels, Pollution, Bad eating habits add a lot of toxins into our body. These toxins if not flushed out regularly from our body may cause some serious health issues and can make your health and skin dull within no time. It’s impossible for us to devote much time towards the health aspect after such a busy schedule we all go through.

Detox Drink

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It is so important to remove the toxins out of your body at regular intervals otherwise, they will get stuck in your body for a long time and cause great damage inside your body. We have heard so many times to increase our water intake but how many of us had actually brought this habit into our life actually? Below I am listing three miraculous detox drinks which will not only give a little flavour to your regular water but will help in taking out those bad toxins out of your body and guess what they help in burning your extra fat too from your body.

Try these super easy detox drinks and see the change within. Just prepare this for yourself and keep sipping it the whole day. You can easily carry it with yourself. To see great results, you should drink at least two bottles of these drinks a day.

  1. The Refreshing One:

Detox Drink

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Mint is known for its anti-inflammatory property. It also has an antioxidant agent known as rosmarinic acid which protects you from seasonal allergies. It controls your cholesterol levels freshen you up, aids indigestion and reduce bloating.

Cucumber contains 70 percent water as its constituent. It hydrates your body really well, give you toned and fresh skin and is much less in calorie which aids weight loss.

Lemon is Mother Nature’s skin brightening agent. High in vitamin c it gives you a great immunity and clears your intestinal tracts.

Cut lemon slices including their skin with fresh cucumber and add it to approx. two to three litres of water. Add fresh mint leaves to it.

Let it infuse its flavour in water overnight and drain it the next morning. Consume it on the same day.

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