Dentures vs. Dental Implants: Tips to Decide the Best Option


If you are missing one or more teeth, or if your dentist recommends extractions due to broken or damaged teeth, dental implants or dentures can help you restore your smile and maintain your confidence. However, there are pros and cons to each of these options. The tips below will help you make the best choice.

Dental Implants

Removable vs. Permanent

The major difference between dentures and dental implants is that dentures are removable whereas dental implants are permanent. This is a huge consideration for many people since dentures are often frustrating for many people. Dentures stay in place with a fixative like a paste or a sticky pad, which are difficult to use. On the other hand, dental implants offer a permanent solution since specialized hardware inserted into the gum or the jaw holds them into place. While the procedure for installing dental implants is lengthier, the results are often worth the extra effort.

The Cost Factor

Another important consideration is cost. Dentures can cost a little or a lot depending on factors like overall quality and the materials used in making them. However, many people do not consider the long-term costs for things like cleaning solutions and fixatives, or even the cost of repair or replacement. Dental implants are more expensive at first, but they are a long-term solution that lasts a lifetime. You care for your implants just as you would care for your natural teeth, so you do not have to buy expensive fixatives, pastes, wafers or cleaning products. Many specialists offer several payment solutions to help afford dental implants.

Care and Maintenance

Generally speaking, the less expensive the dentures, the more maintenance they require. Cheaply made dentures often cannot stand up to everyday foods such as apples, chips, pretzels, and many others. It is common for dentures to break, and these repairs are quite expensive. For implants, all you need is a toothbrush and some floss, as well as regular dental checkups, to keep them as good as new. You will not have to go through the embarrassing process of removing your teeth every night to clean them, either, which can help boost your self-confidence.

Speaking and Eating

Although some people get used to dentures and learn to speak and eat normally after some time, most simply learn how to deal with them the best they can. Dentures tend to slip and move which is embarrassing when speaking or eating in public. Food can get stuck between your dentures and gums or palate, and this may cause significant pain. Because dental implants are like natural teeth, they allow you to speak clearly and eat your favorite foods without fear of embarrassment.


Another important factor to consider is your comfort. Although dentures can sometimes be comfortable as long as they fit correctly from the start, there is no way to get rid of the “unnatural” feeling associated with having a molded plate affixed to your gums and palate. Although implants may feel a little odd at first, you will quickly get used to them, and they will start to feel like your very own natural teeth.

Your Overall Oral Health

The last and perhaps most important factor to consider when deciding between dentures and dental implants is your overall oral health. Your teeth play a very important role in maintaining the health of your gums and the bone of your jaw. When they are gone, there is no more support and your face may physically change. Dental implants help to support the gums and jaw. You may have less complications with dentures, however.

Overall, dental implants are more expensive than dentures, but they can be a great investment in terms of your physical appearance, your comfort, and your health. Advanced Dental Prosthetics can help you achieve the outstanding results you expect when it comes to your smile.

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  1. Paul Thompson says

    This is really great, thank you for sharing this information. Now I know the difference between dentures and dental implants.

  2. Judy says

    If the time comes I will prefer dental implants, although I would no be looking forward to the procedure.

  3. Douglas Brown says

    My mother is going to have to have denture implants soon, and it makes me optimistic since she is good at taking care of her things. We do not plan on going with extremely cheap dentures, but as you advise, we do plan on taking good daily care of them as best we/she can. I know that self-confidence is going to be a big thing for her after getting implants, but thanks for the info about how not having to remove them every night boosts that esteem.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Great……wish her goodluck and safe implants

  4. Delores Lyon says

    Thanks for sharing this advice on getting dentures or dental implants. It sounds like the overall best option would be implants since they last a lot longer than dentures, and don’t break as easily. Plus, the fact that they help keep your jaw structure intact is another huge benefit. If you have the money, it seems like dental implants are easily the better option.

  5. DoloresB says

    I think every person’s situation is a little bit different, so dental implants or dentures can both be good options. The cost is usually a big determining factor, it shouldn’t be, but sometimes it can’t be helped. If you can get insurance to help that’s always a good idea.

  6. Ann Thomas says

    My husband is looking into different dental procedures after damaging a few teeth in an accident. Because the damage is restricted to a small area, I think dental implants are the best option. Do you know if they can cause any pain while eating?

  7. Brandon Roberts says

    My grandpa has actually been debating this question for a long time now. He wasn’t sure on whether he should get dental implants, or get dentures. So I really appreciate you talking about what the benefits are with both of them. I’ll make sure I let my grandpa know about this, and see if this finally helps him make up his mind.

  8. Natalie Darcy says

    My mother has been having troubles with her teeth, and I wanted to help her get something done so that she can live more comfortably. I was unsure whether to look into dental implants or dentures; so this article is very helpful to me! Thank you for addressing the convenience factors as well as the financial part of both options.

  9. Rachelle Reeves says

    My grandma needs either dentures or implants. She is getting old, so she probably won’t be able to take very good care of them. I think a high quality dental implant would be best for her, because like you said, the maintenance is just what you do for regular teeth.

    1. Kingsley Felix says

      Dont you have another story apart from your grand Ma?

  10. Caleb Hart says

    My grandfather would love to go to a dentist pretty soon. He just moved to a new area, and he wants to be sure that he finds a good dentist. I think his teeth are in pretty good shape.

  11. Callie Marie says

    I was thinking about getting dentures soon, because I have a few missing teeth. Having them move around while I talk, like you mentioned, sounds so embarrassing though. Maybe I should consider implants or fixed dentures in that case.

  12. Brandon Roberts says

    My grandpa was actually wondering this exact thing! He has been wanting to fix his smile for a long time now, but he wasn’t sure if he should get dentures, or dental implants. So I really appreciate you talking about this, and letting me know about what might be the best option. I’ll make sure I show my grandpa this right away.

  13. Olivia Sherwin says

    These are some great things to consider, and I appreciate your information about the comfort aspect of dentures and implants. My mom is beginning to lose her teeth to age, and it’s becoming difficult to eat, so she’s been considering finding a solution, but she’s unsure whether she wants dentures or implants. I think implants would be better for her, because it would be much more comfortable in her situation. Thanks for the great post!

  14. Callie Marie says

    I recent knocked out two of my teeth in a rock climbing accident, so now I have an ugly gap in my smile. Since is only two teeth, I don’t think that dentures are necessary. I’ll have to ask my dentist about getting dental implants. Is it okay to get two right next to each other?

  15. DoloresB says

    It can be a tough decision to decide between dentures and dental implants. Depending on the factors it might be a better option to do one over the other. That’s why it’s so important to talk through your options with your dentist. Then you can get a good idea of the consequences of each choice.

  16. Michael Lee says

    Hi Anita, I appreciate the tips they are really helpful for newcomers looking to get dentures or dental implants! I mean, not for me specifically, but I have been thinking about dental implants for my older brother, who is quite embarrassed by the way he has treated his teeth ver the years, it is good to know that implants have come such a long way. What are the cost differences would you say?

  17. Janelle Winters says

    I take care of one of my grandmothers, and we’re trying to decide between dentures and implants, but I’m leaning toward dentures. It just makes sense, since she is older, but I worry that she’ll forget to clean them when I’m out of the house and that they’ll be too much of a hassle for her. (The older she gets the less patience she has.) I appreciated the pros and cons you presented here; hopefully they’ll help us come to a decision!

  18. Aspen Bowen says

    I didn’t realize dental implants are also better for your health. It makes sense that your gums and jaw would be healthier with the support. After reading this, I think implants would be the best option for me.

  19. Ian Johanson says

    Thanks for your post. I think the biggest up side to dentures is that they are cheaper at the beginning. I have also heard that implants may not be an option for older patients. So, dentures may be a better option. I have also heard of implant dentures. Are these a good alternative to traditional dentures?

  20. Veronica Marks says

    It’s interesting that dental implants can last a lifetime. I thought they would have to be replaced every few years like dentures do. I know I’ll have to get one or the other because of some bad teeth I have. I’m glad to know more about my options and the financial obligation for each.

  21. Liz Armeson says

    This is some really great information for anyone looking into either of these prostheses. I know this can be a pretty major decision, and it can be hard to tell whether dentures or implants are right for you sometimes. But simply by comparing pros and cons, it can be really easy to make the decision when you lay it out objectively. Thanks so much for writing!

  22. Jason Strong says

    My dad just found out that he needs to get a couple of implants put in. He hates the dentist, so naturally this isn’t sitting well with him at all. I’ll have to show him this article and help him see that it’s going to be okay and that he shouldn’t be freaking out about it.

  23. Phillius Thomas says

    Being able to eat and speak without having to fear your teeth falling out seems really nice. It’s definitely a big positive to getting dental implants. When given the choice, I feel I would pick implants more often than not, so I don’t have to deal with any of those possible issues.

  24. Veronica Marks says

    I didn’t realize that dentures could be so cumbersome as explained in this article. I will need to have some teeth replaced eventually, so I’m really grateful to know how much better implants are than dentures. After reading this article, implants are definitely going to be the way to go for me.

  25. westly smith says

    Personally, I think that both of them are great options. I am going to get dentures for my father because they’re less expensive. Like you say, dental implants are more expensive. Although, I need to remind my dad of the long term costs.

  26. Sarah Anderson says

    The ease of maintenance makes dental implants more worth it in my eyes. Then you tack on that you have an easier time eating and speaking. I would choose the implants, every time.

  27. Sarah Smith says

    My grandma is missing several teeth and doesn’t know whether to get dentures or dental implants. I hadn’t considered the cost that dentures would have in cleaning solutions and the amount of maintenance they require. I’ll have to talk to her and convince her that dental implants are probably a better option.

  28. Nash Rich says

    I think I would prefer the permanent option of implants. I’m not missing any teeth, but we’re already used to having our teeth permanently in there, so I don’t think it would be a hassle. I’ve always thought it was interesting that your bone will recede when you don’t have teeth. I would want my jaw to stay healthy so that’s another reason I’d go with the implants.

  29. Jessie Harrison says

    My son just lost two of his teeth today. Actually, it was his two front teeth, it looks like Santa’s going to need to come sooner this year. He needs to get those replaced, I think that implants would be the best option. I don’t think he’d want to take them in and out every day.

  30. Dr. Peter Nguyen says

    Overall dental implants is the best choice to fix your broken, missing or stained tooth but if you have a tight budget dental veneers and crowns are also great choice, just you have to more careful while eating and chewing.

  31. Dr. Douglas Barker says

    Dental Implants is open of the best treatment to cure broken tooth, missing tooth and stained tooth. Moreover implants can stay healthier up to 20 years

  32. Maggie Allen says

    I really like the fact that you don’t need to do any extreme maintenance for dental implants. Since I am awful at keeping a routine, I know that I would forget about the foods I can’t eat with dentures. Plus, I love apples, chips, and pretzels. I’d much rather pay more so that I don’t have to give those foods up!

  33. emily bennette says

    Comfort does seem like a good thing to consider when debating the pros and cons of these options. My father is going to need to get some kind of fake teeth soon. It does seem like implants would be easier for him to maintain and it would be more comfortable as well.

  34. Sarah Smith says

    I’ve recently lost a tooth and need to get it replaced. It’s important to know that dentures tend to slip whereas implants are in your mouth and act just like normal teeth. Another thing to consider is to get implants from a dentist that accepts your insurance so tat you can save some money.

  35. Danni Black says

    I really like what you had to say about the comfort aspect of dental implants and dentures. I was in a car accident about a month ago that resulted in a broken jaw and some missing teeth. My husband has been doing research about dental implants and that seems like the best option for me. I’ll have to do some more research, thanks for sharing.

  36. Luke Smith says

    Thanks for pointing out that there can sometimes be an “unnatural” feeling associated with having a molded plate affixed to your gums. It would make sense to me that replacement teeth held in to your natural gums would be easier to get used to then molded plastic gums and palates. I would imagine that choosing a dentist who can handle implants would be a good idea if you plan on using them at some point in the future.

  37. Danni Black says

    You mentioned that dental implants are like natural teeth and allow you to speak clearly and eat your favorite foods. I have been thinking about getting dental implants for a while now since I lost some teeth in a car accident a few months ago. I’ll have to keep this information in mind while I’m figuring out what to do, thank you for sharing!

  38. Sarah says

    I’m thinking about getting a dental implant. It’s good to know that the less expensive the dentures the more maintenance they require. Another thing to do is to get your dental implants from a professional that accepts your insurance so that you don’t have to worry about the price.

  39. olivia nelson says

    I like your idea on how you should consider the cost when you are looking at getting dentures. I would imagine that finding out how much they will cost would really help you make your decision. My mother is considering getting dentures so she’ll have to figure out the cost before she does.

  40. Ivy Baker says

    The idea of dentures slipping out of my mother’s mouth when she is talking our eating is really embarrassing. For her at least it seems like dental implants would be the better option. Especially, if she doesn’t want to feel self-conscious at first.

  41. Yilliang Peng says

    I am thinking about getting my mother some dental implants for her birthday this year, but I was wondering how they differ from dentures. I wonder if older people would rather have the option of having their teeth permanent or temporary. Regardless, it is important for her to feel good about herself and her appearance. Thanks again!

  42. olivia nelson says

    I agree that it is important to look into the care and maintain of dental implants before you get them. It would seem that because they are family like real teeth it would not require too much additional maintenance. I’m looking for a dentist to put in an implant after I lost a tooth so I’ll have to consider the possible additional maintenance before I do.

  43. Burt Silver says

    I like that you mentioned that dental implants are maintained easily, just like regular teeth. I am looking into options to replace some missing teeth from an accident. I like the idea of not having to go out of my way to take care of them. I will do a little more research and see if dental implants will work for me.

  44. Leviticus Bennett says

    It’s nice to know that with implants, you can still eat chips, apples, and other hard foods. My father loves to eat chips while he watches the television in the evening. He needs some implants, so I’m glad it won’t ruin his nightly tradition.

  45. Marco says

    Very nice article. Not everyone knows tha you still eta chips, apples and others with dental implants.

  46. Leif Svensson says

    Great article. Dental implants now offer a safe, convenient and relatively cheap alternative for some patients who simply cannot get used to wearing dentures.

  47. Jordan Miner says

    I’ve been wanting to get some dental implants. I’m glad you talked about how comfort is something good to look for from your dental implants. I’m going to have to look for a dentist who does implants and see what we can find!

  48. Marcus Coons says

    I had no idea that dental implants could be removable. It is important to remember that considering all these options can help you choose the best ones for you. We need to get my mom some cosmetic implants, so I’m glad I found your page.

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