Dealing With Hormones During Pregnancy – Important Tips to Get You Through It


Hormones can be tricky in general but during a pregnancy hormone levels tend to just go crazy. If you are in the middle of a pregnancy and have experienced the natural hysteria of crying or raging over the smallest things, you definitely need to check out these useful hormone management tips. These will help you manage your hormones so that they are a lot easier to live with during this tricky phase of your life. There are different types of hormones and being able to keep them all in check will help you become a health hero. That being said here are the most important things to remember about managing your hormones during pregnancy.



Use music to calm down and get in the zone. Music is one of the most powerful tools in a human being’s arsenal. You can get excited, happy, sad, calm, energized and pretty much everything in between with the help of music. This is a great opportunity for all the pregnant ladies out there because it will allow them to combat the sporadic and unappreciated mood swings and hormone bombs that might be creeping on you over the smallest things.

Take a nice bath

This is one of the most helpful things that you can do. Keep in mind that it’s not just your mind that is in need of some peace and quiet but also your body. This pregnancy is a big deal for both your mind and body and that means that you must tend to both. You can do this by taking a long, relaxing bath. Pregnancy is not something to gamble with so make sure that you have someone helping you when you get in the tub but also when you get out. That being said, you will be amazed at just how relaxing it can be to soak in warm water (don’t get it too hot, nor freezing cold, make it just right and remember that you have a baby inside you).

Let it all out

The thing about pregnancy is that you stack up all these emotions and feelings. Even when you’re not pregnant, your human nature dictates that you communicate with other people and let out your emotions. If we don’t have someone to talk to, all these feelings begin to bottle up and that’s bad. Now multiple that by a thousand and you have the inner struggle of a pregnant woman. This is why it’s extremely important to let out all your feelings once in a while. Get your best friend, significant other or whoever you like to listen to you and just vent for a while. You should probably warn them beforehand that you’re trying to manage your hormones so they won’t be confused about you just saying all those things all of the sudden.

Remember to be yourself

Just because you resemble a beach ball now doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the things that you used to love before you got pregnant. In fact, it’s actually pretty important that you do enjoy those things again once in a while, because it will help your mental state a lot. So whatever got your smiling before you got pregnant, do that again and see how everything becomes more manageable and easier to digest as you continue your way through this journey?

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