Daffodil Day 2017: What to Expect?


Daffodil Day is one of the most awaited and loved fundraising events associated with the Cancer Society in New Zealand. It’s the main annual event organised by the Cancer Society as they appeal for donations and spread awareness about the disease of cancer and how patients live and struggle with it. But above everything else, Daffodil Day is a celebration for those braving cancer and a bid to let them know that they are not alone in this fight.

Daffodil Day 2017

This year, Friday the 25th of August will mark another such day of merrymaking and fundraising on the Daffodil Day. The Australian Cancer Council is also gearing up for the same and is all ready for spreading the cheer. The Cancer Council itself is a forerunner of research, advocacy, support and prevention of Cancer.

On an annual basis, organisations like the Australian Cancer Council are able to muster up about 65 million dollars for research alone, which has the sole aim of reducing the physically debilitating and spirit crushing effect that cancer has on so many Australians around us.

Why is it celebrated?

The logic behind Daffodil Day and the adoption of the daffodil flower as a symbol of all this is that the daffodil is deemed as the first flower of spring. In furtherance of this vision, the daffodil has become a scion of rejuvenating life after a long spell of despair and more importantly, putting up a strong defence to cancer and its associated ailments.

Daffodil Day is a centralised event around which these cancer organisations mobilise their annual resources, develop funds, and utilise the help of volunteers to spread awareness about the types of cancer, information about support services and a variety of programmes and activities for cancer patients. The movers and shakers of Daffodil Day are very proud and enthusiastic to make this year’s Daffodil Day as successful as the last.

What can you expect?

Daffodil Day is characterised by fun events like raffles, sausage and corn dog stalls, bakery kiosks, candy stalls and small fun games for kids around. In addition to this, there are merchandise, collection drives and request campaigns. At every Daffodil Day, the contributions are preferred to be thought of as gifts, rather than a donation. The 2016 Daffodil Day was able to strum up 5.6 million dollars. Hopefully this year’s Daffodil Day will surpass this by a huge margin.

Daffodil Day thrives on the never-ending exuberance of the thousands of volunteers that work towards making Daffodil Day a success. Their hard work and planning starts way ahead and it is due to their herculean efforts that Daffodil Day turns out to be the success it is known for.

These volunteers come from all over Australia and campaign relentlessly at malls, stores, stations and such other popular commercial spaces. They do a stellar job of selling Daffodil Day merchandise and of course, the lovely daffodil flowers themselves to get the donations coming. They mobilise local communities as well to make their contributions to the cause and feel great about being a part of the Daffodil Day in such an integral way.

Cherish and celebrate the Daffodil Day this year!

Daffodil Day is a day to remember and appreciate the struggle of cancer patients. The disease is so common these days, people around us have almost naturalised the suffering that comes with it. Daffodil Day helps them to remember how extraordinary the fight against cancer is.

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