How to Control Diabetes with Smartphone Apps


Diabetes is a health abnormalities attributed to excessive blood glucose level; this impairment has to do with secretion of a hormone called insulin which is in charge of the control of blood sugar level. During treatment of diabetic patients, physicians do recommend certain diet intake to complement the workability of the therapy.

We are in the jet age where modern day technology is being utilized to help us manage almost anything, and part of the birth of technology is the smartphone that goes with us anywhere, even to the toilet. Apps developers develop a lot of apps that could help our daily healthy living. Diabetes is accounted as one of the world most popular disease, there are some apps that has been developed to help individual with or without diabetes to control the blood sugar level. I tag these apps smartphone apps for diabetics, below are top 10 smartphone apps for diabetics.

Diabetes Pilot

Diabetes Pilot

This app is available for the iOS platform, users of iPhone, iPod and iPad can access an authored product by Diabetics. This is one of the smartphone apps for diabetics that is flexible and easy in its usage, some features that is packed on this app includes; tracks blood pressure, record meals and exercise, record blood sugar measurements, records medication, and other results gotten from the lab. It also has a food database that is of assistant on the go. It can calculate insulin dosages accurately. The overall function monitors your progress and timely gives you a report. It goes for $24.99 in the app store.



Also for the iOS; iPhone, iPad and iPod. Authored by Presto, Keynote and Jazz, makers of Glucose Monitors. The features on this great team of the smartphone apps for diabetics includes; Chart of glucose trend for 90 days, tutorials videos on diabetics and management, blood sugar goal setting features, meal, meal schedules, medication and activity management, log book with coded color to identify highs and lows, and enabled with email features to send record to health professionals. It is provided free for download, but it lacks food database, and unable to track calories as well as monitoring other nutrients.

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